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Some would say that today’s fashions are much more sensible than those of the Middle Ages, for example… that we have come to our senses when it comes to fashion: but that is not the case. Around the world, fashion trends and movements come and go, subcultures come and go under the influence of cinema, music and art. Some, like those featured in this article, find a place in society and simply seem to stick to it, transforming and transforming their followers into fantastical characters, visually entertaining but not always comfortable for the wearer. More than anything, they are an outlet for those who wear them, who treat themselves like walking works of art. Three hundred years from now, people may look at photos of these fashions and say, “Wow, people must have been crazy back then…”

Here are some of the weird fashion trends I’ve come across during my travels. Have you seen any of them or even some stranger ones? Please let us know in the comments section below.

strange fashion trends


This Japanese trend is extremely popular and actually started when Japanese schoolgirls embellished their uniforms after school to make them more fashionable for the mall.

Characterized by school basics such as knee-high socks, babydolls, plaid and pleated skirts (heavily cropped), white button-ups (buttoned and tied to expose the midriff), blazers, badges and braids… fashion is it is now a movement in its own right, with many dedicated followers outside of school.

The name is a contracted version of high school girl meaning longer term. They even have their own specialized slang called kogyarugo.

Kogals favor bands of kogals, who defend everything they represent. These groups include a long list of names like SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48… I guess like all movements, you have to be a part of it to really understand it.


It is a particular breed of goth subculture, characterized first by its embrace of the electronic style of goth music (rather than the rock/metal style of goth music), and then by its love of serious for technicolor hairstyles and latex.

It started around 1999 when electronic goths started wanting to differentiate themselves from normal goths (with their love of vintage black and Victorian clothing); latex (usually purchased at adult/fetish stores) was added, as well as a single neon color on the top of the black goth gear, usually matching their voluminous and incredibly colorful hair extensions (known as of “falls”). Massive boots with killer platforms and a significant amount of unnecessary buckles are standard fare for cyber-goths.

You may be familiar with their shiny synthetic dreadlocks, known as Cyberlox, made from springs, foam strips and rubber. Cybergoth style often includes fishnets (different colors), aviator glasses, gas masks, and circuits. It’s not comfortable and sure to attract stares, so it’s very confined to exclusive clubs and retailers who now cater specifically to its weirdness.

strange fashion trends


Yes, it’s a thing and yes, there are strange hidden places in the world where, every night, steampunks gather in all their obsessive glory.

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where all of our gadgets have been repaired and modified with salvaged machine parts, giving the appearance of clockworks and steam train engines. The technology is very advanced but uses mechanical energy and steam instead of cybernetics and hidden circuits.

It’s a fantasy culture, based on movies, science fiction and just a strange obsession with the aesthetics of early machines and Victorian clothing. The style is often a synthesis of period and modern clothing, including top hats, waistcoats, exposed crinolines, corsets, antique watches, seriously adorned flying and driving glasses, rifles, rays, artificial limbs and much more. Mechanical sculpture and art are an integral part of this interesting movement.

Expect metallic colors like copper or silver and dusty shades, reds and greens, instead of the blacks and neons associated with goths and cyber-goths.

Steampunk followers listen to a wide range of music, so unlike goth subcultures, they are motivated not so much by music as by books and films, Jules Verne, Wild West science fiction and others curiosities.

strange fashion trends

Lolita fashion:

Originating in Japan but found in various countries, lolita fashion has a few different offshoots including gothic lolitas, soft lolitas, boy style lolitas, classic lolitas, old school lolitas, casual lolitas, black and white lolitas, the B-lolitas. and even Muslim lolitas, to name but a few!

The style is based on Victorian and Edwardian clothing, using crinoline petticoats and parasols, be prepared for an abundance of ruffles, so many accessories they must be heavy to wear, knee high socks and hairstyles and wigs extravagant.

The name Lolita has a lot to do with the fact that the style of dress is not only Victorian or Edwardian, but also very childish. Think of a little girl dressed up for a fantasy pageant and you’ll get the idea.

The movement is an integral part of Japanese youth culture, with entire districts of Tokyo dedicated to retailers, clubs and venues associated with it. It’s so big in Japan that you’ll even find dedicated sections in popular department stores that cater for it.

The style began under the influence of many Japanese visual-kei artists, musicians characterized more by their extravagant costumes and makeup than by their actual music.

strange fashion trends


Ah yes, here’s one that has really taken the Western world by storm, so much so that many of us haven’t even had the opportunity to talk about it and express our opinions. Intending to promote their defense of anything that strays from the social mainstream, many 20-somethings have embraced this trend that their rebellion has, in fact, become completely mainstream (but we still love it) ! It’s so widespread that it even gives a large number of thirty-somethings the opportunity to reclaim their youth.

This movement is largely about blurring gender lines, we see women wearing baggy clothes and men wearing tight clothes… women with shaved heads and men buying flat irons!

Hipster guys tend to be more recognizable than girls and, in my opinion, they’re the ones who really took the bull by the horns. It’s refreshing (and quite interesting) to see men embracing a fashion movement so fully, especially in the West… although judging by the extreme hipster styles we see on the streets, I really wonder what the next step. You might not think this movement fits in with the rest of those listed here, but just think about how unorthodox hipster fashion would have seemed ten years ago. This one surprised us all!

On any city street you can spot hipster guys, characterized by their shaved sides and buns on their heads, impressive beards and tattooed forearms. Maybe not everything is bad about this movement. I have to say, there’s something cute about tweed and bow ties and suspenders, and the idea that it’s somehow cool to need glasses. We wonder about the exposed ankles and no socks approach and if the viral spread of men’s jeggings (so tight they look painted on) means real men’s tights will come next!?

weird fashion trends

To learn about other weird fashion trends, please read our article on the cosplay couture phenomenon.

Surfing the phenomenon of cosplay couture

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