the Pinjarra twinset – Handmade by Carolyn

Finally! Cassie and I are thrilled to release our latest pattern in the work of Carolyn & Cassie Pattern Co…please welcome the Pinjarra twinset!

A twin set? What the hell… ?! you may be thinking/asking! Well, the Pinjarra twinset is specifically made up of a cardigan with a long tie/necklace and a long sleeve t-shirt/tee/skivvy with two neck options, one with a higher loose turtleneck and the another with a more open neckline with a thin band for finishing. A small wardrobe concept that used to be called a twinset! This particular set of patterns is one that I have used time and time again and wear very frequently; I can therefore confidently attest to its usefulness and versatility as a very good basic.

And as a special introductory offer, we are offering the new PDF template with a 20% discount during the first week of its launch; it’s until Monday, August 7th! It is currently available in our Carolyn and Cassie Pattern Co Etsy shop, here.

Even though I already have quite a few, I made a new Pinjarra cardigan to celebrate the end of the pattern and its release… I bought this beautiful pink double merino jersey from the Fabric Store in Melbourne when we went there for Harry Potter. It is so beautiful! By the way, I’m also wearing a new skirt with it; this is one of my favorites, the Paprika Patterns Jade Mini Skirt. I’ve done this several times too. This is of course a cotton jersey from Le Stash… 🙂 The ivory t-shirt underneath is another early Pinjarra, made a few years ago.

This turtleneck is the one I’ve been making for the longest time and I love it for winter.

I also made a set for mom! using black cotton jersey and a bit of blue/grey cotton jersey for the tie… I think the contrasting tie is very chic! A variation that gives it a slightly different look, maybe even a little more formal?

Cassie made a striped Pinjarra cardigan, with shorter sleeves, for lack of fabric! It looks too cool, in my opinion! She wears it with the gray pregnancy skirt that I made for her recently in Burda 7023…

And here she is wearing my yellow Pinjarra cardigan, the pink Pinjarra t-shirt that I made for her last year, and the navy Burda 7023 maternity skirt that I made recently too. Is this jumpsuit good for work? I think she looks elegant and professional 🙂

What follows is a little history of Pinjarra’s evolution, which may or may not be interesting. But it’s my blog that I think has documented all of this over the years anyway, so why not sum it up?

As I have long documented here; my favorite T-shirt design was a Burda design that didn’t fit me, so I tweaked it to fit better (I blogged here). Then I switched to the Closet Core Nettie model, which was pretty good, but eventually I started to improve the fit of this one as well, until it was completely different from the model, with absolutely no lines original sewing. At some point I rediscovered my modified Burda pattern and layered it with my modified Nettie and it was quite interesting to me that my modifications were almost identical! Anyway, I started thinking about it and using it as my custom T-shirt block and it became my base for all the stretchy bodices.

the first iteration of the cardigan design, 2015

My first prototype cardigan appeared here in 2015, although this one is of course quite different from this much more refined final model. Every time I’ve made it I’ve changed the design and now I feel like it’s a really nice sturdy cardigan with a good construction procedure.

I got the idea for a twinset design when I made the marigold yellow above, matched with a two piece set, blogged here. The final neckline of the t-shirt is a little lower than this one because I found this one a little high. Yes; I thought long and hard about these little things! At this point I started working on the two necklines, noting the pattern and writing the instructions. And Cassie of course did her essential digital part. And There you go! the Pinjarra twinset is now here!

The name? Well, “twinset” has always kind of suggested to me, rightly or wrongly, the kind of thing a grandmother would have worn regularly in the old days; since in fact my two grandmothers did it. And Cassie’s grandmother lives in Pinjarra. So it seemed like a good choice. And having a model named Pinjarra seems fair since my mother, Cassie’s other grandmother, lives in Bridgetown and we used the name Bridgetown in our Fridgetown hand warmer model before.

But honestly I think the Pinjarra is a pretty cool design and not particularly grandma one way or the other either. Rather a very good basic that everyone could wear!

another first iteration of the cardigan….

The pattern is currently available in our Etsy shop, here. Don’t forget this 20% discount for next week! We hope you have as much fun as we do making and wearing any or all parts of the Pinjarra twinset!


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