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The best fabric stores in LondonThe best fabric stores in London are at just about each extreme of the scale. One with one of the softest cottons in the world and the other with a bold mix of colors and textures to tickle any costume designer’s imagination.

Have you ever wondered where the fabric used in the costumes of one of the most popular HBO superseries comes from? Well, I will show you in this article. This is a visual tour of London’s best fabric stores that I hope you enjoy.

London, birthplace of the Elizabethan Theater where Shakespeare was born more than 600 years ago, whose plays are still performed around the world, is also the birthplace of one of the best fabric stores in the world. In my opinion of course! But I’m sure those who have been there would agree.

I wrote a while ago about a visit to what I thought was the world’s best fabric store in Florence, Italy. While I stand by this call, I think these London stores are right at the top of the list of the best in the world.

A visit to the best fabric store in the world

Freedom of London

Liberty of London began its history in 1875 as Liberty & Co, founded by Arthur Lasenby Liberty who brought back rolls of fine cotton from his travels in Africa and the Middle East and printed them in London.

Like many visionaries, Mr. Arthur Liberty partnered with fashion designers to print what they had in mind, providing the customer with a new and refreshing approach to fashion.

The best fabric stores in London

For 143 years, people from all over the world have flocked to this spectacular location to enjoy a collection of an eclectic and tasteful range of fabrics ranging from cotton lawns or better known as Tana lawn, to cotton poplins. silk, wool, twill and jersey.

“Liberty is the vacation spot of choice for the artistic buyer. »

Oscar Wilde

In addition to offering exquisite textiles for clothing, the store features exhibits from talented textile artists and quilters.

Inside Liberty of London I had the opportunity to chat with the wonderful embroidery designer Heather Everitt. Her stunning butterfly creations are simply extraordinary. If you go to London, go see her. It offers courses and workshops throughout the year.

One of the best things about this fabric store is that you can also buy patterns and ideas designed based on the fabric on offer. Even if you don’t like sewing, there are even ready-made items for sale with these exquisite materials.

Walk a little further into the store and you will discover one of the most beautiful collections of upholstery fabrics I have ever seen.

Some inspiration for your home. I know I wish I had a few of these couches in my house.

The best fabric stores in London

The Berwick Street Fabric Shop

My next stop is The Berwick Street Cloth Shop, a seven-minute walk from Piccadilly in the heart of Soho.

This boutique is what you’ll find for aspiring and seasoned costume designers, Indy designers, and fashion students. For a small store, the offering is quite extensive, specializing in textures and colors.

It truly is an Alibaba cave, stunning damasks and faux furs, soft organzas and crisp taffetas flowing through you in a rotating creative cycle. I could see wonderful, intricate weavings as applied light transformed the atmosphere of an entire room. The best fabric stores in LondonI think I could drop a pretty penny at this store. Unfortunately it is difficult to photograph, due to the space and lighting, but I hope you take a few hours and venture into this shop.

I am told that it is here that five seasons of games of thrones the costumes come from many films such as Cinderella, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tide and Maleficent to name a few. I had the pleasure of meeting Sophie, the store manager, who showed me around the many fabrics housed in the store. Her enthusiasm and love for textiles was contagious.The best fabric stores in London

Call ahead if you would like to speak to Sophie. She only works Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Let her guide you through a stimulating and creative tour of the store.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of the best fabric shops in London. Both establishments have, in my opinion, the most important ingredients, great products and great people to show them to you. What else could you want when looking for fabrics in the UK?

How to Find the Best Fabric Stores in London

Liberty London

The Berwick Street Fabric Shop

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