The 7 best sewing machines on Amazon: reviews and advice

Buying a new sewing machine is exciting and sometimes a little difficult. There are sewing machines for every budget, with hundreds of stitches and a myriad of amazing features. But which stitches do you actually need? What features and functions will you love? What are the best sewing machines for you? Let me help take some of that stress away by answering your questions and showing you the 7 sewing machines currently for sale on Amazon that I recommend. I have purchased most of them and continue to use them.

First question… is it safe to buy a sewing machine on Amazon?

My answer is confidently YES, Amazon is great for buying sewing machines – unless you are looking for a luxury sewing machine model (thousands of dollars), in which case you might like -really be the support and classes your local quilt store can offer you. . On the other hand, I bought my first high end sewing machine at 3 different quilt stores and still ended up buying it online. I had an amazing experience with this. This is the last of this post.

What is the cheapest entry-level sewing machine you would buy?

This would be the Brother XR3774. It’s solidly built and for the price, it comes with an impressive number of feet, including classics like the presser foot, buttonhole foot and zipper foot, as well as accessories (which can be shared with other Brother sewing machines at this level). There is a buttonhole stitch and a number of other basic utility stitches like zigzag that will come in handy. If all you want to sew is a basic repair (like machine hemming pants) or small sewing projects, this will do the job. It’s also a great machine for someone new to sewing.

Is there a better entry-level sewing machine?

If you’re willing to spend a little more (still less than $200), I recommend the Brother CS7000X. I bought this machine so I could have an extra one to teach beginners and take to class. I was very impressed with all the features and accessories that came with it (including a hard case). It has 70 built-in stitches, including 7 different buttonhole styles and an applique blanket stitch that I love, plus many other decorative stitches. Additionally, the Brother CS7000X is easy to use and sews well. At this level, you start to see tools included like a screwdriver, a dust brush for removing lint, and much more. Check out my first impressions of this sewing machine here.

How about an embroidery machine for beginners (who also knows how to sew)?

Funny you should ask! I gave my sister the Brother SE700. It was for completely selfish reasons – I wanted a machine embroidery buddy. The entry-level Brother embroidery machines were recommended to me by an expert in the quilting market for people who aren’t sure if they like embroidery. They are easy to learn and a great way to get started with embroidery.

My sister loves this machine and has become addicted to embroidery! The small color screen is enough for learning, and I was amazed at how much she can achieve with just a 4-inch embroidery hoop. This machine also includes all the sewing features that the above sewing machines have, such as 103 built-in stitches, 10 automatic buttonhole styles, and a number of accessories.

I’m ready for a sewing machine with more.

Okay, let’s take it to the next level! THE Janome 4120 QDC will give you a taste of some of the features you can find on high-end machines. I’m talking about a thread cutter, alphabet stitches (small – not the same as embroidery), a memory function, and a lock stitch button that will finish the current stitch pattern and then secure your sewing. The needle has 15 positions, and you know I like to be able to push my needle to the right or left for certain applications (like quilt piecing and sewing binding). It’s also a power upgrade, making it easier to sew thick fabrics like denim, but maybe not leather.

What is your favorite sewing machine workhorse?

Anyone who knows me knows it’s my Juki TL2010Q. She is a treasure. Sure, it’s just a straight stitch sewing machine, but this stitch is so beautiful and perfect every time that I’ll never complain. There are incredibly intuitive dials for stitch length and thread tension. There are also premium features like a toggle lever, telescopic thread holder (so you can use large cones), thread cutter, and a highly sensitive foot pedal for precise speed control.

I’ve sewn quilts, bags, and entire garments on this machine (no stretch knit fabric, though). I dragged this machine on planes all the way to Denver twice so I was able to use it while filming my Craftsy classes (I was pretty nervous and didn’t want to be nervous about my sewing machine), and quickly learned how useful it was. NOT lightweight due to its sturdy metal frame. When the kids bring me something that needs to be fixed quickly and I don’t want to ruin something awesome, I turn the Juki on and it’s ready to go. It passes through many layers of fabric without breaking a sweat. The topstitching on this machine is better than ANY topstitching I have done on much more expensive machines. And for a while, I put it on a Grace frame and did some free-arm quilting! Today I use it on a wide table with an extension table to accommodate larger projects.

I could go on and on, but I’ll tie you to my opinion instead.

I’m ready to try a high-end sewing machine.

Woo hoo… You’re all in, baby! Discover everything that comes with Janome Memory Craft Horizon 8200! Feet, needles, tools and even a seam ripper. But the accessories don’t really match what you’re paying for here. When you upgrade to a high-end sewing machine, the sewing feeling is different. The drive system is more advanced, so everything works better and easier. I’m sorry that not everyone can experience this.

I have to say something about the Janome AccuFeed (walking foot) system that comes on this machine and other high-end Janome sewing machines (like the one I own below): it is exceptional. I love that. I used my Janome AccuFeed walking foot so much that I wore it out. Guess how many replacing cost? About $50. I was shocked. Don’t ask how much another high-end brand’s sewing machine feet cost. All the replacement parts I’ve purchased from time to time for my Janome Memory Craft 14000 (below) have been incredibly cheap, even when I bought them from a dealer because I couldn’t find them on Amazon.

But back to the Janome Memory Craft Horizon 8200, here are some other high-end features I should tell you about:

  • You can’t tell from the picture above, but there’s a HUGE 11 inch of needle space left for quilts and large projects.

  • Knee pad.

  • Automatic thread cutter.

  • Extra large 9mm points.

  • Automatic thread cutter.

  • Tons of stitches and 10 automatic buttonhole patterns.

Is the price hike to a high-end sewing machine worth it? If you can afford it…YES.

What is the best high-end sewing machine you can buy on Amazon?

It’s easy. It’s the Janome Memory Crafts 14,000. I bought it and I love it. I was thinking of putting this sewing machine up for sale after purchasing my Bernina 770, but I changed my mind. In my opinion, the embroidery is better, the walking foot (AccuFeed System) is better, the automatic needle threader is second to none (really no one else makes one this fully automatic), and it’s easier to sew with. No matter how wonderful the Bernina is (and it can be wonderful), I just can’t give up on this Janome. This is by far the best deal on a (nearly) high-end sewing machine you can buy. And mine has never been in the store! It is the perfect choice for advanced sewers with the budget for an upgrade.

Why is this machine not the top of the line from Janome? Because it’s missing a few features compared to the Memory Craft 15,000 that, in my opinion, wasn’t worth paying extra for. These features include Wi-Fi capability, a tablet computer (your dealer will provide this as a free gift), additional embroidery stitches and designs, and a special new setting for ruler quilting.

Guess what, you can still do quilting with a ruler in free-motion mode with this foot of ruler, and I don’t need a sewing machine with wi-fi or another electronic tablet. I’d rather save $5,000. A quilt market insider told me that Janome designed its Model 14,000 for countries where Wi-Fi isn’t yet standard everywhere. US Janome dealers do not carry it, but they can order it specially for you.

What’s so great about the Janome Memory Craft 14,000?

  • I have already told you about the AccuFeed Walking Foot system provided on this machine. This is the same system as the 8200 above, except when you buy this model it comes with a narrow and wide walking foot (you can buy the narrow separately for the 8200 if you wish).

  • All the other amazing features of the Janome 8200, including 11” to the left of the needle.

  • The embroidery skills are amazing! It comes with 4 or more embroidery hoops (maybe more if you receive a bonus package) and the largest embroidery hoop measures 9.1” x 11.8”. It embroiders really quietly and beautifully.

  • There are more automatic stitches than you will ever use (400) and 13 fully automatic buttonhole patterns.

  • Independent bobbin winding.

This is my favorite sewing machine. Here is the last review I made on this subject.

So those are my recommendations for buying a sewing machine on Amazon. I hope you find one that fits you and your budget perfectly, so you can sew to your heart’s content. If all you can afford is the cheapest entry-level sewing machine above, buy it! Maybe you’ll start a business like me and become a top machine!


PS You might also like to know my favorite sewing scissors to recommend.

Disclosure: Some of my posts contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of these links, I may receive a small commission, so please support SewCanShe when you shop! All opinions are my own and I only suggest products that I actually use. 🙂

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