Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns

Teddy Bears are the favorites of most of the kids and even for grown-up girls. Teddy Bears can be pretty much easily made by almost everyone interested in this area. For the making of teddy bears, you can use any kind of fabric that is readily available. Almost all the varieties of fabrics fit the formation of wonderful Teddy Bears. Teddy Bears should be formed of smooth and soft material as it is intended for the same. In addition to the available fabrics, you can have animal furs added to it to have further essence and flavor. Let us see some of the best ideas to make fantastic Teddy Bears.

Materials required for the preparation of Enlightening Teddy Bears:

  • Obligatory amount of Fabric for the making of body
  • Colored cottony fabric doe decoration purpose. Choose pleasant colors always for its glooming appearance.
  • Two catchy eyeballs for making of Teddy’s eyes.
  • Bulged piece of woolen cloth for making of the nose.
  • Polyester sponge or cotton sponge for filling of the body inside.
  • Well maintained Sewing Machine
  • Threads and needles for hand works and alterations

Additional things you can preferably choose for Making:

  1. Cotton Napkins or reusable washable clothes of specific material
  2. Needles and Rubber Bands
  3. Colored Buttons
  4. Colored Ribbon for making of bow and tie in special cases
  5. Sharp-edged Scissors
  6. Rollers and fillers for inside fill-ins

Step1 – Create a suitable Template sticking to your requirements:

To start with the making of Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern, it is first needed to have a template designed for flawless making. All the fabrics need to be cut in suitable and specific sizes to meet the main requirements. If you are unaware of the preparation use tracing sheet and cloth to have the outline drawn and it. Making Teddy bears is even more special when it is handmade. You can stick to any of the available trendy patterns of heirloom extensions.

  • Creating templates and making outlines is so easy and can be made in a short period.
  • Simultaneously you can prepare enormous teddy bears with several available patterns.
  • Split all the works into similar phases to get everything completed in a regular span.
  • First, proceed with the front layers and then go for the backside works.
  • You can start from any of the available sides but make sure you are arriving at a wonderful finish at the end.

Step2 - Preparation and Sewing of Teddy Head:

It is always recommended to start the creation of teddy only with the ears and head. Cut the fabric in the required size and it needs to be stitched inside out so that you can attach it along with the face of the teddy. Choose any of the mild English colors available for the ears. Start stitching from the backside and precede further to finish the main head part. After finishing the whole face, make sure you are placing the eyeballs and buttons of catchy colors. The most preferable color is Dark brown or Black to get the viewers attracted. Also, place the nose and mouth appropriately in intended places. By doing so, you can easily finish the face.

Step3 – Align the Body Pieces and Stitch them as a Whole:

Just like the head preparation starts cutting the fabric as per the intended size and designated patterns. Cut the curves and the edges with seam cutter for perfect finishing and smooth surface. After cutting it is important to join the pieces as per the alignment. Roll the fabric up to the required dimension and thickness to arrive at the needed size. Place the clothes inside out direction to make the mandatory stitches. Join all the parts of the body by pinning altogether. The feet of the bear should also be prepared following the same sequential procedure.

If the fabrics are running out of use make sure you are to remove the excess pieces by pulling it out from the main fabric without causing damages to the clothes. It is always insisted to use enormous fabrics for the preparation of the body. Because clothes tend to shrink, depending upon the type of fabric. Make sure you are using rubber bands and threads to join the prepared parts before set for sewing.

Step4 – Fill in the Body with necessary stuff inside:

Filling the body with sufficient stuff is of the important factor to be done while finishing the bear. Any type of sponge can be used for filling. Normally used material is a cottony sponge for its smoothness. Fold the extending pieces to arrive at the destined shape. If you want to know the exact finish lines mark necessary lines on the fabric to get folded easily without much confusion. Do not prefer woolen sponges and other forms of sponges as it may result in bulging that may give bloated look most of the time. You can sew the components all together to form the doll as a unified one. Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern should be carried out with sharp needles and woolen threads.

Step5 – Make necessary Decorations to make your Teddy Appear Enchanting:

The finishing touch is the most critical factor everyone encounters to be so pleasing and appealing. One teddy is formed and sewed, you can add a ribbon of dark and catchy color tied around the neck to improve its status and credibility. You can stitch the ribbon around the neck or else you can add the ribbon in place with the help of rubber bands. And that is your hand made Teddy Bear with Twinkling eyes. In addition to that, if you want to make your teddy look like a businessman or playboy, you can have shirts and pants stitched along with coats. Any type of dress can be made for the teddy bears with needed alterations and cushions filled. It is not advisable to have dresses stitched before making of teddy. Sometimes the size of the teddy may extend or shrink after stitching and sewing operations carried out.

Superfluous Commencements in the Making of Teddy Bears:

  1. Teddy Bears can also be made without using a sewing machine and other related accessories.
  2. You can have it prepared even with a limited number of accessories readily available at home itself.
  3. All you need is scissors, glue, small pieces of felt of two different colors, Fuzzy fabric of required size, Colored ribbons, and other decorative agents.
  4. Initially, you need to outline the oriented shape according to the template. Likewise, you can get the shapes drawn for all the parts of the teddy bear.
  5. After that, you need to cut the fabric by placing the sheets placed on the smooth surface. Add glue to attach both the front and back sides of the fabric.
  6. Alongside work on the ears and arms to get that attached with the foremost body.
  7. If you are not aware of the borderlines, draw lines before folding the material.
  8. By doing so, you can make cute little parts of the teddy bear.

Arrange the Components Altogether to get stuffed completely:

Place glue at the edge of the bear to get the ears and head attached. Make sure you are to leave a small gap to jest the bear advanced and to make place necessary stuff into it. Wrap the opposite side and piece of the bear placed in upside down direction, on to the top of the glue surface. After placing both the sides, press the uppermost surface hardly and evenly to get attached the sides thoroughly. If you are not conscious about the marking lines place the template on the smooth surface for reference. Make sure you are adding sufficient fill-in inside and turn it on the reverse side and your bear has come out very well.

Easy Ways and Tips to Make Teddy Bears:

Teddy bears are the cutest and cuddly toys preferable for kids and even for adults of women. If you wish to own a teddy bear do not go shopping from external sources. Instead, you can make it on your own easily with grand initiatives. You can make your toy with any kind of fabric with the components sewed or glued together. Further, you can personalize the remaining things as per the need and requirement. You can gift those created ones to your loved ones too as part of expensive presents.

Use Soft Fabric Always of any of your favorite colors:

  1. You can use almost all types of fabrics you want the bear to take. Make sure you are using enough pieces of fabric holding both sides.
  2. You can use any kind of English color that suits the teddy well. If you have old, not used t-shirts you can preferably choose that one as an outer layer.
  3. In addition to that, you can use old blankets, pillowcases, and other fur items that are not in use.
  4. If you want everything to be economical and inexpensive you can adopt any one of these available options.
  5. Do not go in very old clothes. If the cloth is damaged or not you’re favorite then make use of it.
  6. Using too old clothes will result in a cloggy and dull appearance. Even if you use new accessories it will not give an efficient look further.

Use Teddy Bear Templates obtained Online:

When you surf the internet you can get n number of templates with varying sizes for different types of Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern Nears. You can simply choose any one of the available templates as per your wish. You can use the template paper on the surface of the fabric to get the fabrics cut of the required size and orientation. In addition to that, you can also get the template printed on the front and backside of the teddy bear of it is pleasing. You can enlarge the template or shrink the template as per your convenience.

Adopt proper Pattern for cutting and Folding of Fabrics:

For the cutting process and all, you need to use sharp scissors. Draw necessary lines on the fabric itself and cut the material slowly. Make sure you are ending up with jagged edges in the clothes. Excess materials running out should be cut off using scissors. Place the fabric on the flat surface such as tables and floors to clear off the lumps and undulations present inside. Any such lumps present inside the fabric may result in unevenness after finishing. Place correctly the paper template on the fabric and pin it appropriately. Place the pins correctly so that it will slip away while cutting the pieces. Have cut notches placed in all the edges of the fabric to have smooth cuts and bisections.

Sew the Front and Backside of the Teddy Bear Together:

Place the edges of both the front and back sides on a flat surface for correct alignment. Make sure both the pieces are even and uniform. For every 1 to 2 inches insert pins to prevent it from further dislodging. Leave some gap in between the legs of the bear so that you can turn the fabrics easily right and left. Make a straight line stitched by sewing machine or you can easily do it by hand. Make stitches in straight lines away from deviations. Prefer woolen thread for continuous stitches. If you are making up everything by hand then use all quality threads and needles for the process. For hand stitching the process is so simple. If you are using a sewing machine for sewing purpose remove all the pins before sewing because the presence of pins may cause damage to the needles inserted. You will not be able to get uninterrupted stitches while sewing if pins are there. After sewing and all turn the teddy bear inside out using the opening that is left unstitched near the legs of the bear. Pull the remaining part completely out to have sufficient fillings inserted through the openings. Make sure you are using adequate stuff to make up large and bulgy ones. After inserting stitch the opening to have the complete one.

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