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tasteful clothing embellishment

No one can deny that most people love tastefully decorated clothes. They are eye-catching and of course stylish. In today’s fashion world, tasteful embellishment of clothing is very popular. And often a tasteful embellishment makes a difference and gets us to revisit a garment in a store, so it can definitely add a lot of value.

Clothing embellishments

The type of embellishment we like on our clothes also often tells us the personality of the wearer. Embellishments add extra glamor and are a statement that can either make your clothes look subtle and soft or make your project a bold and adventurous statement.

Clothing embellishments

As we all know, there are many types of embellishments for us to choose from. To name a few, we can use buttons, beads, ribbons, threads, lace, embroidery, sequins, appliques and much more.

In one of our previous articles entitled How to make an appliqué, we showed you how to make and place an applique that you can also make on your clothes. We also wrote an article that talks about How to make old clothes look new and stylish, where a suggestion to use buttons and add a new different color to your clothes to make them more attractive and updated with style.

Although embellishments look pretty and increase the visual appeal of our outfits, we need to consider several factors that would affect what and how we would want to wear these pretty additions to our clothes.

Always remember that the key to tasteful decorating is finding the perfect balance between elements, both in the decor and in your clothing.

To give you more of a guide, we have identified these areas that you really need to consider when installing embellishments.

Why are embellishments important?

Embellishments are lovely elements of a garment. They serve as decorative details to make our clothes more attractive to the eyes. If you make clothing as a source of income, adding embellishments adds value to the item, which in turn will earn you more profit.

Embellishments can make the difference in making you stand out in a crowd or stand out in a job interview.

Any simple, inexpensive decoration could be, for example, adding fabric-covered buttons to a garment.

Clothing embellishments

Can embellishments boost self-confidence?

When we wear something with a nice decoration, it boosts our self-confidence and we want to wear it at many events we attend. A beautiful garment with striking decoration gives us a kind of inner satisfaction, greater than what an ordinary garment would do. This especially applies to women who are adventurous when it comes to clothing. Some women like their shirts or dresses to have sparkly or floral details, which makes them look prettier.

Clothing embellishments

Do age and fashion taste limit the use of embellishments?

This is an important point because it can vary from one individual to another. For most middle-aged women, they like embellishments to be a little subtle and casual. For example, adding just a small lace detail to a collar or the hem of your sleeve can make it look pretty without being too loud with the embellishment.

Your choice of embellishments depends a lot on your fashion tastes. There are women who don’t like glitter embellishments and prefer simple appliques. When adding decoration to your own clothes, don’t be afraid to be yourself. There may be other types of embellishments that are trendy right now, but it’s important to choose them according to your preferences and just be yourself.

In one of our projects, By adding Bling with fabric stencils, sew-on jewelry and glitter, age was taken into account. This costume, its design and style are suitable for small children. A little girl wearing this would be cute with all the sparkly sequins and sparkly jewels, but the sparkly jewels and sequins wouldn’t look as good when decorated on an everyday blouse.

Clothing embellishments

Can embellishments be used on all types of fabrics?

Adding an aesthetic touch to your clothes also depends on the type of fabric. For example, placing a heavy ornament like a pile of beads and sequins on a very thin shirt could risk tearing or damaging it due to its weight. Always consider the appropriate weight, design, style and material of the embellishment and clothing you are going to use. Don’t sacrifice the overall condition of your clothes just to make them look fashionable.

Always consider the appropriate weight, design, style and material of the embellishment and clothing you are going to use. Don’t sacrifice the overall condition of your clothes just to make them look fashionable.

Clothing embellishments

Can embellishments also be functional and practical?

Embellishments don’t just mean some kind of decoration. There are several types that are both functional and decorative.

Buttons, for example, can be used both to close a garment and to decorate it. Choose a button that suits your clothing style. There are many styles, colors and designs of buttons that look nice when used on clothing. Here are three simple techniques for making homemade buttons that would make great embellishments.

You can also use appliques on parts of a blouse that you want to conceal, as another example. The options are limitless when it comes to the functionality of the embellishments. There are so many types of embellishments that you can almost always find one that meets your unique needs.

Clothing embellishments

Using tasteful clothing embellishments is one of the easiest ways to enhance your clothing, aside from perhaps wearing expensive jewelry. Embellishments are practical, easy to make, and a less expensive way to express yourself through the fashion you wear.

Tasteful clothing embellishments increase the aesthetic value of your clothes and boost your self-confidence. Remember to maintain a balanced look and not overdo it.

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