Reptilian chic: bold couture, unexpected elegance. | Canadian sewing blog Fabricville

Reptilian chic: bold couture, unexpected elegance.

For my latest fall creation, I felt the daring desire to dive into the world of snake print. Often paired with a touch of boldness and sophistication to spice up clothing and accessories, this reptilian pattern injects a unique energy into an outfit.

As a devoted follower of classic style, the idea of ​​going for an all-snake print look initially seemed a little too extravagant. However, by opting for fabrics in rich tones like carefully fabric burgundy crepeI discovered that such audacity could bring a surprising touch of elegance.

During my pattern search, I was attracted by this long buttoned tunic from Vogue (V1756). It is generously loose, mid-calf length, with sleeves with visible back seams, a straight collar and pockets hidden under a pleat on the front side. The backrest is made up of two parts, one of which has a large pleated panel. The difficulty level indicated is: easy.

As I began creating this garment, what surprised me was that the pattern recommended sewing buttonholes and buttons from the beginning, a departure from the traditional wait until the end. By opting for buttons that matched my fabric, they blended in perfectly with the animal print design.

The large pleated panel at the back is hidden under the rounded edge of the upper. To create the pleats effectively, I sewed two overlapping seams along the seam line. Pulling the threads at each end allowed me to reduce the width of the piece to fit that of the top, and I was careful to space the folds evenly.

Despite the multiple steps involved in making the back of this garment, the process was enjoyable. The pattern instructions are clear and easy to follow. As with many sewing projects, the key is patience.

This sewing project offers a near-complete look at how it will look when almost finished. Lacking a pre-made model, I was disappointed to find that it was obviously too big. Armed with my seam ripper and showing great patience, I had to undo the seams on the sides and pockets to reduce its dimensions. Ideally, selecting a smaller size from the start when creating this garment would have been better. However, assembling the sleeves and collar went smoothly. Although the instructions suggest adding a store-bought ruffle trim or making a homemade one for the collar, I chose to skip this step.

In summary, from a technical point of view, I class this creation among my most accomplished. In addition, this garment offers remarkable versatility. Whether worn alone with stylish boots, paired with jeans, or layered over a simple black outfit, snake print adds a touch of eccentricity that’s sure to attract attention.

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