Matching Scrap Bag | It’s time to change

It’s time to start the new year with our first SWAP, the matching scrap bag! This swap is a great way to meet a new friend who shares your love of quilting and refresh your scrap stash with new prints.

Meet a new friend and swap a gallon bag of assorted scraps at the first SWAP of the year with The Sewing Loft.  Registrations are taking place now.

This time of year is when we all hit the reset button to start fresh. We tidy up our workspace, take stock of our supplies, finally catch up on machine maintenance, and start making our quilting plans for the year. This year, I suggest you take a minute to go through your stash of scraps and ask yourself: will you really use this piece of fabric or will it be better suited for a friend? If it suits a friend better, now is the time to swap.

There are several reasons why a fabric may be better suited for a friend. For me, I know that I don’t like repeating the same prints over and over again in different projects. Or maybe you just have an abundance of colors in your fabric stash. Whatever your reason, it doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s perfect! Now it’s time to trade them in for some new options.

Scrap Bag Exchange Details:

WHAT SIZE: Each participant will collect and receive a 1 gallon bag filled with assorted scraps. The colors and prints included in the bag are “manufacturer’s choice” and can be anything you think your partner would enjoy and use. Scraps should be quilting quality cotton, no smaller than 2″ x 4″ and no larger than a fat quarter. Be sure to fill the bag and seal it before shipping.

WHEN: Registrations are happening NOW until or before January 14, 2024.* Partner emails will be sent on January 19, 2024 and all packages must be shipped to partners by February 16, 2024.

OR:Everywhere! My SWAP events are open to everyone. Our goal is to match participants with a partner in their general field to keep shipping costs low.

WHO:All lovers of fabric scraps and embroiderers are welcome! Remember that when you join a swap, your partner may have a different skill level and color assortment than you.

Price: $5 per SWAP.This question comes up a lot and I want to clarify it up front. Running a SWAP of this size and caliber requires a tremendous amount of effort behind the screen. Events like this require many hours of organizing, emailing, and following up with attendees. Not to mention being a SWAP Angel when a partner falls out at the last minute. This is why the fees are minimal.

Meet a new Quilty friend and exchange a bag of matching fabrics.  Registrations are taking place now.  The sewing loft

Meet a new friend who shares your passion and exchange matching fabric scraps.

*Places are limited and these events are popular, which means they will likely sell out.

How Matching Waste Bag SWAP Works:

Scrap Bag SWAP registrations will close on January 14, 2024.* After your payment, you will receive an email questionnaire to help me match you with the perfect sewing buddy. Then I’ll work with my team and get to work matching you with the perfect sewing companion. All participants will receive an email with their partner’s information by the end of the day, January 19, 2024.

Once you have your partner’s information, I suggest you send them an email to get to know them better. It is customary to send a small gift with your exchange package. Consider sending something handmade, a sweet treat, a freshly sewn quilt block, or even just a small note card. This shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive and it’s just an act of kindness that I’m sure will be much appreciated by your partner!

Each participant will gather a gallon-sized bag of assorted fabric scraps varying in size but not smaller than 2″ x 4″. You see I’m starting to fill my bag here.

Meet a quilting friend and exchange a bag of assorted scraps in the SWAP with The Sewing Loft

Although not required, it would be nice to lightly squeeze your leftovers before placing them in the bag. This simple gesture will help reduce wrinkles and will be wonderful to receive. I suggest communicating with your partner to learn more about their likes and dislikes when it comes to fabrics.

The bag of fabric scraps must be usable.  Be sure to watch the size and not include any pieces that are too small.

Once your bag is packed and ready to go, simply send it to your partner. I suggest treating the package as a gift for your new friend and slipping a little treat inside. Perhaps a handmade gift, your favorite postcard design or even just a handwritten card.

Does your fabric stash need a refresh?  Join the SWAP and let's exchange!  Bag of fabric scraps with The Sewing Loft
Meet a new Quilty friend and exchange a bag of matching fabrics.  Registrations are taking place now.  The sewing loft

Meet a new friend who shares your passion and exchange matching fabric scraps.

If you have never joined a SWAP before having a excellent article on SWAP etiquette and how it works. In the meantime, remember my Scrappy Community is still open. Feel free to stop by anytime to chat with other members and share how you’re using your leftovers! You can share at any time of the day, we are always open.

SWAP Club Membership

Now, for those of you who LOVE our SWAPs and never want to miss them, there are a few spots open for SWAP Club membership this year. You can find all the details here.

Do you like to exchange?  Join the club!  The Sewing Loft is hosting a year-long SWAP event, but spaces are limited.

As a club member, you’ll never have to worry about missing registrations or finding out the SWAP is full before you can get started. Consider this your golden ticket. 🎫 to all the SWAP fun. Membership includes 6 discounted SWAPs. Click below for more details.

Do you like to exchange?  Join the club!  The Sewing Loft is hosting a year-long SWAP event, but spaces are limited.

Never miss a SWAP again. Exchange handmade gifts all year long with new quilting friends! Membership includes access to all six SWAP events planned for 2024. It’s your all-inclusive pass to an awesome year ahead!

Scrap Happy Fabric Group: As many of you know, fostering community is very important to me. To help encourage this atmosphere, I’ve formed a Facebook community to chat directly with you and provide a safe space for everyone to come together. In the group, you can share projects you are working on or have completed, meet and get to know members from around the world, share inspiration, and participate in additional group activities. Everything is in one place, simple and easy to use on your computer or smartphone. Feel free to click on the link to join the community. Everyone is welcome!

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