20 Small Sewing Projects For Fun and Learn

Has ‘Home Quarantine’ put all your work and hobbies to a halt?

Are you bored of just sitting at home and doing nothing all day?

If you know sewing or even if a beginner and have got the basic sewing tools, then you can spend this precious time wisely doing some amazing crafts for your own requirements.

Here are some amazing sewing projects for beginners and small kids.

Easy Sewing Projects For Kids To Start Learning

Tooth Fairy Monster

Tooth Fairy Monster New

Are you a lover of fantasy and supernatural stories and myths?

You can make yourself a doll that resembles that of a ‘Tooth Fairy’ using Circuit maker and some fabric. This would be an amazing toy to have on the couch or the bed.

Make one for using by following the procedure given here: https://www.theidearoom.net/tooth-fairy-monster-cricut-maker/

Kids Fleece

Who doesn’t love to sleep? Sleeping is one of the most underrated aspects of a human’s life.Having a cozy environment makes us get good sleep. 

So here is a fleece blanket that can help you during the winters and get you good sleep every day. 

Make one for yourself using this link.

Sunglasses Case

Own a pair of sunglasses and want to avoid it from getting exposed to scratches and damage?

You can make a cool looking case for it using a piece of cloth and sewing kit.

Follow the steps given in this link to make a case like given in the image:


Messenger Bag

Are you a person who loves carrying certain utilities and essential items whenever you go out? But you don’t like carrying the traditional backpack that looks ugly on a youth like you?

Here is an amazing and stylish sling-bag (messenger bag) that looks and feels light when you carry it around with you. 

Follow the procedure to make one for yourself during your leisure time. Link: https://www.sewcanshe.com/blog/2016/5/27/1-yard-magic-messenger-bag-from-lecien-fabrics

Pajama Pants

Make yourself feel relaxed and free of all the work wear you wear during the day!

Make some pajama pants for yourself and spend this quarantine time doing some quality work that benefits you.

Use this link and follow the steps to sew one for yourself or your kids:


Tooth Fairy Pillow

If you are just a beginner in sewing and do not have any sophisticated sewing tools, then this project would be the one for you. 

You can make a cute looking pillow for your kid and surprise him/her.

Follow the steps given here to make one: https://www.marthastewart.com/270949/tooth-fairy-pillow-craft?czone=crafts/sewing-cnt/sewing-projects

DIY Storage Box

Want to store some of your childhood toys and relics that you wish to never lose in your lives?

Having a unique and cool storage box is the way to go.

Customize it by making one for yourself. You just need some cloth materials and sewing tool. Use these procedural guidelines to make one easily.

Drawstring Backpack

Want your kid to look good this summer camp? 

Make a funky and stylish drawstring backpack with a limited amount of materials and a sewing machine.

Don’t know how to make one?

Follow this tutorial to make one:


iPad Case

Most of the people who iPad get bored overtime looking at all the ugly hard cases that are either solids or printed in an old-fashioned way. 

Make yours stand out in the family gathering, meetings and other public spots by making this minimalistic and elegant iPad cover.

Baby Quilt

Have you got a baby that is a few months-old and cannot go out post-labor to shop for the baby?

Well, you can make a soft and snuggly quilt for your baby that looks cute and fresh on its own.

Sew one for yourself without depending on anyone else by following the instructions given here: https://www.polkadotchair.com/another-soft-n-snuggly-baby-quilt/

Fabric Bookmark

Many kids nowadays lack the habit of reading novels and story books. 

But all those who get easily lost in the enchanted world of stories in novels and comics.

Here is a nifty “gadget” that can help you continue reading from where you left off. 

If you have some cloth material and sewing kit, you can make a fabric-based bookmark of your style and have it forever. Make a bookmark using this procedure given here: https://www.polkadotchair.com/scrappy-fabric-bookmark-tutorial/

Summer Headband

If you have got any sisters, friends, daughter and other female relatives, gifting them a colorful headband that is custom-made on any special occasion would be nice.

This headband in the tutorial given has polka-dots on them giving you a funky look to yourself.

Make such a cool headband by following this tutorial:



This project is for girls and women who love to own a ‘clutch’ type wallet that can help you store your phone, cards, cash and much more.

It can be customized according to your moods if you can sew one.

Here is a tutorial with guidelines that help you to make one for yourself. Use this link

Business Card Holder

Do you own any businesses or firm and want to showcase your company to people who wish to do affiliates and sponsorships for your company?

Then you will need to have business cards on the go.

Hence, here is a business card holder that can store up to 20 cards at a time and you can grow your business and increase relationships and ties with other companies quite substantially.

Tote Bag

Girls and women these days love to look more fashionable and subtle when they go out to the beach, theatre, shopping or even for a party.

A ‘Tote Bag’ will definitely make them look smarter and more elegant in this age.

Use these instructions to make one for yourself:


Laptop Sleeve

Do you own a sleek laptop and hate the bag that had come along with it?

This sleeve can help you make your laptop look refined and more tasteful to your identity.

View this website and follow the given instructions carefully to make one: https://crazylittleprojects.com/10-minute-lap-top-sleeve/

Colorful Pocket Tees

Make your t-shirt unique by making a patterned pocket on your solid t-shirt.

This will make you look matured and smarter as it just attracts one’s attention towards you.

You can sew yourself in your solid tees directly if you have a sewing kit.

Use this link and follow the instructions to make one easily:


Surgical Mask

We definitely are in a pandemic situation and in quarantine, it is necessary to wear a mask if you have or do not have cold and cough.

The virus can spread from one person to another via any kind of means.

So, prevention is better than cure.

Here is a tutorial to sew a surgical mask with minimal requirements.

Link: https://sarahmaker.com/how-to-sew-a-surgical-face-mask-for-hospitals-free-pattern/

It takes some patience and creativity to deal with its details.

Believe me, it will give you a great output. Link: www.repeatcrafterme.com/2012/10/felt-forest-friends-keychainsornaments.html


Make some adorable and cute-looking keychains for your keys and your kid’s keys. 

These forest animal keychains might look as cool as they seem to be in the picture.

Use this link given below to make one such keychain. 

It takes some patience and creativity to deal with its details.

Believe me, it will give you a great output. Link: www.repeatcrafterme.com/2012/10/felt-forest-friends-keychainsornaments.html

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