Introduction to the world of long arms

Have you ever heard the term “long gun” without really knowing what it was? Allow me and Buster to introduce you to the wonderful world of longarming, where you can conquer mountains of quilt tops with ease and precision. Arming long is like flying through the sewing galaxy with a trusty sidekick at your side, and in this case, that sidekick is none other than the BERNINA Q series long arm machine. Let’s discover the powers of this sewing superhero and why it’s the ultimate choice for your sewing adventures!

Hello everyone! My name is Justin and the puppy is Buster from Keaton Quilts. You can contact us on Youtube, Instagram And Facebook where I share sewing tips, projects, reviews, and quilting ideas.

What is long arming?

So, what exactly is long arming? Well, imagine a sewing machine on steroids, ready to tackle those extra-large projects like a superhero tackling a huge pile of laundry. Long arm involves the use of a specialized machine with an extended arm – typically with an average of about 16 inches to 24 inches of throat space. It allows you to effortlessly sew and quilt large sandwiches of fabric and batting without tackling them in the limited space of a regular sewing machine. There are 2 main types of long arms: seated and frame mounted. The machine is pretty much the same either way, but it’s what you choose to place it on that makes the difference.

To sit, the machine remains still when sitting on a table. You move the fabric through the large throat space to quilt it. You can tackle any size comforter without worrying about running out of space. This is ideal for small spaces or for people who prefer not to stand for long periods of time.

For frame-mounted machines, the machine sits on a cart attached to a large frame that you (or a computer) move while the fabric remains stable. It’s like having a magic wand that glides effortlessly across a quilt sandwich, bringing your creations to life! This is ideal for tackling projects of ANY size. This is my favorite setup.

Now why should you choose the BERNINA Q Series for your long getaways? Picture this: you’re on a quest to quilt the most incredible quilt top known to mankind. The Q series, with its finesse and BERNINA charm, will be your faithful companion throughout this journey. It offers a multitude of features that make long cocking a breeze.

Above all, the Q Series gives you the power of speed. Just like Flash running through the city, the BERNINA Q Series will allow you to sew at lightning-fast speeds, making it easier to complete those big projects. Who says sewing has to be slow and tedious? With the Q Series, you’ll go through fabric faster than with a sewing machine on an espresso!

But wait, there’s more! THE Q Series is equipped with stitch regulation, a magical feature that ensures your stitches stay consistent and beautiful no matter how fast or slow you sew. It also features a digitally controlled upper thread tension that allows you to make adjustments with the touch of a button. No manual adjustment buttons and hope for the best. Its ease of use makes it almost feel like an invisible sewing fairy is sitting on your shoulder, guiding your every stitch with precision and grace. It also uses regular machine needles, which makes things so easy! You can share needles with its standard household friend that you use to make your quilt tops.

Now let’s talk about the size of the Q Series. With its roomy 16-24 inch throat space, you’ll have room to maneuver and lay out your fabric like a pattern. It’s like having your own sewing world, where you can let your creativity run wild without any limits. Who needs a small sewing space when you can have an entire galaxy at your fingertips?

The Q Series also offers a variety of quilting accessories that will make your long-lasting quilting experience even more enjoyable. From handy rulers that help you make intricate designs to cleverly designed feet that make quilting easier, these accessories will be your sewing companions, always there to save the day when you need them most. My favorite accessory is the BERNINA Q-matic long arm quilting automation system computer with its ability to sew patterns for you. If you can dream it, Q-matic can sew it.

So, my dear sewing superheroes, if you are ready to soar into the sewing sky and conquer the world of long arms, the BERNINA Q series is your ultimate sewing companion. With its super powers of speed, stitch regulation, spacing, standard needle compatibility, digital tension adjustment and more, it’s the perfect choice to bring your dreams to life quilting. Just check out my first custom quilt attempt below!

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