How to sew a button on pants

Learn how to sew a button on pants when they fall down or when sewing pants. This is a simple, quick and sturdy way to sew on a button.

This is the method I learned working in a sewing workshop, and it is very strong and very fast. It’s also very simple, and you only need a needle, thread and a button.

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How to sew a button so that it does not fall off?

The best tip for sewing a button so that it is strong and secure is to use thick thread and use four threads. You want this wire to be able to withstand a lot of stress and pulling. Thick thread helps, but four thick threads sewn several times will be the strongest.

My thread always gets tangled. How can I fix this?

Pull the thread through beeswax (you can purchase beeswax specific for thread products, but any beeswax will work). This coats the thread with just enough slip to make it smooth when pulled through the fabric. It won’t get stuck on itself and will make sewing much easier!

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What does clear nail polish have to do with sewing on a button?

To prevent the wire from unraveling and coming loose, I dab a little clear nail polish on the wire front and back. This fixes the wire, makes it strong and keeps it secure so it doesn’t come undone. This is the best tip!

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How to sew a button on pants


  • Chunky thread (you want something thicker than all-purpose thread.
  • Optional: beeswax for a smooth thread
  • Scissors
  • Hand needle
  • Button (the right size)
  • Optional: clear nail polish
how to sew a button on pants

Remove a wire approximately 24 inches long. Optional: If your thread is still tangling, run it through beeswax to make it smooth.

Thread the needle with two strands of yarn and tie a slip knot at the other end. This means that every time you enter or exit the fabric, you will have four son.

how to sew a button on pants

Decide how you will sew your button.

The most common are an “X” design or an “=” design. It’s not set in stone, but it’s common for an “X” pattern to be considered masculine and an “=” pattern to be feminine. There are many other designs you can make.

how to sew a button on pants
how to sew a button on pants

Start at the top so the knot is hidden under the button.

how to sew a button on pants

Go up through one hole, down through another hole, and down into the fabric. Go up through the fabric, up through the first hole, down through the second hole and down into the fabric.

Repeat with the third and fourth holes. You will go through each hole twice.

how to sew a button on pants

Don’t pull too hard to get a wire rod.

how to sew a button on pants

Wrap your yarn around the wires about 3-4 times to create a yarn stem.

how to sew a button on pants

Tie a square knot to finish going up and through the loop then down and through the loop. The key is to start on one side to tie a knot and then move to the other side to tie another knot.

how to sew a button on pants

Put the needle into the fabric near the knot and under the button, then pull out about an inch from the fabric.

how to sew a button on pants

Cut the thread close to the fabric. Now there are no stray threads to show and the long end will help prevent knots from coming undone.

Optional: Dab clear varnish on the wire front and back. Let it dry. This will strengthen the thread and prevent it from unraveling.

You have completed the strong and quick sewing of buttons!

how to sew a button on pants

If you make anything using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and identify me!

how to sew a button on pants

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