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🎄✨ Embrace the festive spirit and add a touch of warmth to your holiday decor with our charming mini Christmas tree skirt quilted sewing pattern!

mini striped tree skirt on white marble table with white feather tree

Today I’m excited to share an update to a free Christmas tree skirt pattern project that I shared here years ago! The mini tree skirt pattern has been tweaked and modified, and I have added a downloadable PDF with both the tree skirt pattern and the hand embroidery pattern. Some of you may remember this project from when it was shared YEARS ago on Moda Bake Shop!


Do you have a cute little Christmas tree on the table? Do you want to do a little Christmas sewing? Why not make a quick and easy tree skirt to add to your Christmas decorations? If you’re feeling super productive, you could even create a matching table runner!

Free sewing pattern for a quilted Christmas table runner

About the quilt piecing method used

This Christmas tree skirt tutorial shows a method of cutting into strips to create a block normally called a “spider web block.” “

mini striped tree skirt on white marble table

The spider web quilt block is a traditional quilting pattern that creates a pattern resembling a spider web. This block usually has a central square or octagon (although ours has 9 triangles instead of 8) and radiating strips of fabric that form “rays” around the center. As the strips are added, they create the illusion of a spider web extending from the center of the block. The block can be made in different sizes and the number of spokes can vary depending on the quilter’s design preferences.

mini striped tree skirt on white marble table with ornaments

The tree skirt also features a bit of hand embroidery. Add the phrase “Have a merry little Christmas.” Let your heart be light” with a simple backstitch before your tree skirt is quilted.

My tree skirt is sewn with blue and white fabrics, but it would be just as cute with reds and greens!

How to get the pattern piece

Complete the form below and we will email you the pattern piece and hand embroidery design. You will still need to refer to the instructions in this blog post to complete your project.

Supplies for the Mini Quilted Tree Skirt

  • You will need 11 fabric prints in 5 sets of two colors. For example, two prints of red fabric, two prints of blue fabric, etc. The “odd” fabric is white. My original tree skirt was made from a pre-cut package of 1 ½″ wide strips (my fabric is Figgy Pudding from Moda). Rolls of pre-cut 1 ½″ strips are not very common, so I recommend using fabric instead.
  • 1 meter of white fabric for the backing
  • ¼” yard. or 1 large quarter, blue fabric for binding on the tree skirt
  • Embroidery thread
  • Ribbon
  • Wadding (I used quilters dream cotton)
  • Sewing machine
  • Rotary knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Quilting Rule

Mini Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

mini striped tree skirt on white marble table with white feather tree

Mini Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

Melissa Mortenson

Embrace the festive spirit and add a touch of warmth to your Christmas decor with our charming mini quilted Christmas tree skirt sewing pattern!

Preparation time 30 minutes

Active time 2 hours 3 minutes

Total time 2 hours 33 minutes


  • 11 pieces fabric 1 ½” wide x WOF in series of two prints of the same color. For example, 2 red prints, two blue prints, etc. Odd prints should be white.
  • 1 yd white fabric for support
  • ¼ court Mandatory or a big neighborhood
  • 1 skein Embroidery thread
  • 2 meters Ribbon
  • 1 big piece Drummer I used quilters dream cotton
  • 1 Pattern piece and embroidery design fill out the form on this page and we will email you the pattern pieces.


  • Assemble the pattern pieces:Print the pattern pieces. Make sure your printer is set to “Actual Size” and not “Fit to Fit”. Cut along the outer rectangle, then glue the two pieces together. You should now have a piece that is 9″ wide by 12″ high.

How to make the tree skirt:

  • If you haven’t already, cut 11 1 ½” wide strips of fabric. You should arrange them in a color pattern that starts in the center and flows toward the edges. Make sure to match the colors of rows 1 and 11, 2 and 10, 3 and 9, 4 and 8, 5 and 7 and row 6 will be your center row.
  • Note: You need them to match because you will be cutting them into triangles and flipping the template after each cut. (if you are confused now, don’t worry, keep reading, it will make sense with the photos).

  • Sew all rows together with a ¼” seam. Iron all seams on one side.

Cut triangles from the sewn strips:

  • Using your ruler and rotary tool, cut out the triangle, making sure it extends all the way to the edge. You’ll need every inch of fabric, so check it out.

  • Next, flip the model 180 degrees. Align the edge of the template with the cut edge of the fabric strip.

  • Cut out your next piece.

  • Flip the pattern again and repeat until you have 9 triangles.

  • (note your last triangle, it may be a little short, don’t worry, cut it, it will be the edge of your tree skirt).

  • Arrange your cut pieces in a circle, alternating the patterns. (you will have 2 side by side that make the same pattern, use it as the “seam” or opening of your tree skirt).

Sew the triangles together

  • Sew the pieces together with a ¼” seam. Stop sewing about 1″ from the tip of the triangle. Leave one seam open, this will be the opening for your tree skirt.

  • Cut out the center of the skirt, leaving 1″ of the red strip still visible. (if your tabletop tree has a wider trunk, cut a larger hole).

Add hand embroidery details

  • If you would like to hand embroider a phrase on your tree skirt, do it now. Print your words, then using a lightbox and a water-soluble pen, trace the letters onto the tree skirt.

  • Hand embroider the words you traced, using a simple backstitch.


  • Once embroidery is complete, layer batting, backing and quilt as desired. I just made a point in the ditch.

  • Cut 6 pieces of ribbon approximately 10″ long. Pin to the opening of the tree skirt. Sew in place before binding.

  • Sew the binding, being careful not to trap the ribbon in the binding.


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