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Quilting just got a whole lot cooler, and I’m here to tell you how you can start designing colorful quilts with EQ8. This software makes selecting colors and fabrics a breeze. Imagine a world where designing quilts is as easy as choosing your favorite ice cream flavors. Well, that’s the magic of the EQ8, and I’ve got some insider tips for making our quilting adventures as smooth as a cozy morning on the couch with your favorite cup of tea.

Design stunning quilts with EQ8

There are so many aspects to designing a quilt, but when you break them down one by one, they are easy to master. From creating your blocks to choosing fabrics and colors, EQ8 can help you.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with EQ8, it’s software designed for all things quilting. It allows us, the creators, to easily draw, design and color quilt blocks in different styles including traditional, applique and paper. From there, the software provides basic fabric requirements, general cutting instructions, and even printable templates for paper designs.

To help you get started, the software comes with a library of preloaded blocks, quilt designs, and projects of all different sizes that are ready to be filled automatically, but don’t stop there. You can create quick and easy blocks using the drawing feature. Here’s a quick video overview of how easy it is to start designing blocks.

Designing quilts should be fun, not complicated!

Now, designing your dream quilt involves more than just choosing patterns; it’s about finding the perfect color palette and fabric to bring your vision to life. Luckily, EQ8 takes fabric customization to the next level, offering features that appeal to both seasoned designers and those just beginning their quilting journey.

So get ready, because it’s time to say goodbye to the headache of color decisions and let EQ8 do the work for you. Whether you find inspiration in magazines, fabric collections, Mother Nature or even street art like me, EQ8 can help you bring your creative dreams to life. Here are some insider tips to help you bring your quilting dreams to life.

Personalize quilts with colorful fabrics

  • Did you know that EQ8 allows you to download the latest fabric releases from your favorite designers? Let’s be honest, you can stay on trend and incorporate the hottest fabrics into your designs effortlessly. Additionally, the Electric Quilt Company introduces a new line of fabrics every month, which you can download. This feature not only keeps you up to date with the latest trends, but also allows you to create custom libraries that reflect your own fabric collection. It’s features like these that make it easy to personalize your designs. For me, I instantly downloaded my fabric collection, Color Club, into my fabric library.
Color Club Collection Sample Card
  • Don’t know what colors to use in your quilt? EQ8 supports you with the Randomizer function. With just the click of a button, you can adjust hue, saturation, and brightness to find the perfect color palette for your project. Not only that, but this nifty feature can be configured to pull colors or solid fabrics from your library. Say goodbye to color indecision and let the Randomizer guide you to a harmonious, visually pleasing quilt. Take a look at how easy this feature is to use with my quick video.
  • Do you like fussy cuts or want to pivot a directional print? Well, you can do it like a pro! For those who appreciate the finer details of fabric, EQ8 offers challenging cutting and turning tools. These tools allow you to highlight special details by centering a specific fabric in a block or rotating a print direction. Now you can make your favorite fabrics really shine, adding a personal touch that sets your quilt apart. It’s the perfect feature for showcasing intricate designs or capturing sentimental elements in your quilt.

Honestly, the quilt design possibilities are pretty limitless.

In the area of ​​fabric customization, the EQ8’s features meet the needs of every quilter. Whether you’re diving into the latest fabric releases, playing with color combinations using the Randomizer, or highlighting the unique details of your favorite fabrics with the Challenging Cutting Tool, EQ8 ensures your quilting journey is no-nonsense. only fluid, but also brimming with creative possibilities. . Embrace the tools at your disposal and watch your quilt transform into a masterpiece of your own creation.

Create stunning quilts with the Four Seasons EQ8 add-on by Heather Valentine

The Electric Quilt Company even partners with designers like me to create special add-on libraries you can use. Each designer shares their special skills, designs and style to help you take your designs to a whole new level. You can find 40 of my popular image blocks in the Four Seasons Block add-on. Each block is ready to color with your favorite “flavors” and create custom quilts.

If you’ve never used EQ8 software before, or you have an older version, don’t worry: getting started has never been easier. Plus, I even have a special offer for you. Use promo code “NOVEMBER” at checkout and enjoy 25% off your purchase of software, add-ons, books and printables. (Even my Four Seasons Block add-on!)

EQ8 Quilting Products

You can create beautiful quilts, custom blocks and more with EQ8 software. Buy the products here.

*Note that this special discount code is only available through my special link below for a limited time. Discount offer ends 11/30/2023.

Once you start creating with EQ8 software, you’ll never look back! I know this easy-to-use software has changed my design style from pencil and paper to colorful files. Don’t forget to keep me posted on your quilting adventures…

Learn how to create amazing quilt blocks with new EQ8 Ambassador, Heather Valentine of The Sewing Loft.

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