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can you cut paper with your sewing scissors

Ah ha – the age-old question. Should we keep our sewing scissors only for cutting fabric? Will cutting paper “dull” the scissors, making them less sharp or less able to cut fabric if we also dare to cut paper with them?

Is this just an urban myth? Did the seamstresses of old simply pass on this mantra to prevent the family from endlessly borrowing their sewing scissors? Were they just told to make sure the sewing scissors were always there when they needed them? We’ve all seen funny memes on social media warning of the dire consequences of using our sewing scissors to cut paper.

can you cut paper with your sewing scissors

We talk about it from time to time in the sewing discussion group, and there will always be those who say yes, they cut with paper from time to time and always have nice sharp scissors. We all often cut out our tissue paper patterns with the sewing scissors, or lay the pattern out on the fabric and cut both layers at once, the fabric and the fabric. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I find myself reaching out and grabbing the wrong scissors when I’m cutting my PDF sewing patterns out of regular printer paper. The sky hasn’t fallen on my head yet!

I once discovered that my husband was cutting screens with them, but I don’t think it would have done too much harm. We’ve all heard horror stories about what other careless husbands might have been caught doing: cutting wire, opening cans, removing screws and other such horrors! Yes, this could well be grounds for divorce!

can you cut paper with your sewing scissors

But is this just hearsay and pessimism, or should we really lock up those scissors?

So I asked a few scissor experts:

Jackie Webster, Sales and Marketing Manager at Havel’s Sewing – “This is a great question! You will receive a different answer from experts and artists who use their scissors daily. I certainly have!

The technical answer is: don’t use fabric scissors on paper, and vice versa. I stand by this for a reason. I was a hairdresser and if I used my scissors to cut something else, they were useless! I think there is a difference between paper grain and fabrics. Even denim is different from paper grains.

I have an artist who swears she has used our scissors (Sew Creative Line) on paper, leather, denim, and every other type of fabric, including silk!

can you cut paper with your sewing scissors

Kris, customer service at Kai Scissors – “Yes, using your fabric scissors on paper will actually blunt them, which is why: Various clays, and/or calcium carbonate, are used in the composition of many papers, including cardboard. They are there to make the paper stiff. These minerals are abrasive and dull scissors.

I would recommend never using your fabric scissors to cut any type of paper, as they will become dull and make the whole process of cutting fabric slow and painful and can ultimately damage the fabric.

can you cut paper with your sewing scissors

Marta P. at Fiskars/Gingher Customer service and warranty – “All items are blunt scissors. The paper is cellulose and contains finishing agents, the fabric is made of natural or artificial fibers. So if you’re cutting denim, wool, polyester, nylon, spandex, etc., these fibers will dull the scissors faster than regular light and medium cotton. If you only cut cotton with your scissors, cutting paper will dull them more quickly. If you use them on all different materials, cutting paper with them won’t necessarily dull them any faster than these other, harder fibers. All scissors become dull with use and you can cut paper with them, you just need to sharpen them more often.

Paper produces a lot of lint, which builds up on the blades and quickly makes the scissors or shears rough when opening and closing them. This paper lint must be wiped off the blades frequently to restore a soft feel.

You can cut paper with any Fiskars or Gingher scissors or shears, but we do not recommend cutting paper with our sharp blade scissors or shears. Since the sharpness of the knife is not necessary for cutting paper and paper lint must be frequently wiped from the blades, it is best to use scissors that do not have a cutting edge, because this very sharp edge requires additional caution. by manipulating.”

can you cut paper with your sewing scissors

The Final Word on the Difference Between Paper and Scissors

Here’s a good explanation from the “ask the scientist” forum:

“Various clays and/or calcium carbonate are a component of many papers, including cardboard. They are there to make the paper rigid, to adjust the absorption of inks, to keep the paper hard when it is wet (resistance to humidity) and as a filler (clays are cheaper than wood fiber in many cases, depending on the quality of the paper.) These minerals are abrasive and dull the scissors.”

Our readers’ thoughts and experiences

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Your turn – so now tell me what you think. What was your experience with paper cutting – or not! And what was the craziest thing you caught yourself doing with your best sewing scissors?

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can you cut paper with your sewing scissors

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