Advent Calendar 2023 – the eighth door

Hello everyone, the pre-Christmas period is in full swing and today I offer you a great embroidery idea for the Christmas period: together we embroider pretty hair clips in the shape of a snow globe which will certainly brighten up much more than the eyes of children. This is the eighth door in the Advent calendar on the BERNINA blog.

My name is Stephi from Frollein Tausendschön and my passion is sewing, embroidery and tracing. Please feel free to visit me on or on my Youtube channel. Today we are going to create some real pieces that will turn heads, as the hair clips have a touch of glamor thanks to a special embroidery foil. They are embroidered ITH, that is to say entirely in the circle. And because they are so easy to make, the hair clips are also a nice little gift idea for the Secret Santa bag or as a souvenir for the little ones at the Advent coffee evening. And let’s be honest: snowmen will not only find a place in my daughter’s hairstyle on Christmas Eve, but also in mine – they are just too cute…

ITH freebie embroidery file and instructions for snow globe hair clips

Snowmen and snow globes are an indispensable part of winter and the Christmas period. Now we let our embroidery machine create beautiful hair clips with these popular designs and we don’t have to do much besides a few color and hoop changes. The embroidery machine does most of the work.

If you wish, you can use the special embroidery film suggested by my fellow blogger Kasie to give the snow globes a special touch. The embroidery file is specially digitized for the film so that it can develop its luster. If you want to work without embroidery foil, you should definitely choose a color that matches your embroidery felt, as it may show a little.

You can find the ITH hair clips gift, consisting of two files, at the very end of this article.

Embroider ITH snow globe hair clips – materials provided:

You won’t need much for the ITH snow globe hair clips: a few scraps of embroidery felt, tear-away stabilizer, vinyl, and matching thread. You can get regular metal hair clips at the drugstore. They will later disappear into the felt cover (faux leather is also an alternative here). I will link you to the embroidery film in the materials list. With properly prepared embroidery files, this creates an incredibly beautiful metallic effect!

For today’s project you will need:

  • Embroidery felt, imitation leather or similar (not frayed and not elastic) approx. 30x15cm
  • Detachable stabilizer
  • Embroidery floss in different colors (I use Polysheen from Mettler)
  • Vinyl
  • Embroidery sheet (you can get it, for example, here at Kasia’s store)
  • Hair clips
  • optional: glitter powder

ITH Snow Globe Hair Clips: Preparing the Embroidery Hoop and Machine

I sew the embroidery on my BERNINA 570 QE in the medium embroidery hoop of size 10×13 cm. Hair clips always look great in pairs, so it may be best to embroider the file directly twice. I also use the HTTBC bobbin case for ideal thread tension.

Image of HTTBC bobbin case.

HTTBC bobbin case

The CB hook is one of four BERNINA hook systems. You can find out which machines require CB bobbins and bobbin cases.

Learn more

Image of BERNINA 570 QE (NEW).


Handle large quilts with ease ✓ Rotate, turn and applique with ease ✓ Enjoy superb fabric feeding ✓ Time-saving automatic features ✓ Quilting foot included ✓

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First download the files (there are two, one for the snow globes, the other for the sleeves) to your computer and unzip the ZIP file using the right mouse button -> unzip. Load the unzipped folder onto the embroidery machine via the device of your choice. First open the snow globe file on the desktop.

We now prepare the embroidery hoop. First, firmly circle the stabilizer, embroidery felt and special effect embroidery sheet in your hoop.

ITH snow globe hair clips: now is the time to embroider

Attach the hoop to the machine and start the first sequence. Start by embroidering the snow globe circle.

Then the bottom of the snow globe is embroidered. The effect of the special film, which creates a stunning metallic look, is already visible now. If you don’t use it, your embroidery pen may appear a little because the file was digitized especially for this film.

Then embroider the body of the snowman and the details of the snowman. Color changes are determined by the machine.

Afterwards, remove the hoop from the machine, but leave the hooped fabrics in place!
You can add a little glitter powder, sparkle stars or something else to the center of the embroidery if you like – less is more here, we just want to create a slight snow globe effect.

Next, you will need a piece of vinyl. Don’t forget to remove the backing paper.

ITH snow globe hair clips: Complete the snow globe

Place the vinyl over the embroidery and attach the hoop to the machine again.

Now embroider the following sequence on the machine. The outline and base of the snow globe are sewn here. Once done, remove the hoop from the machine again.

You will now need a piece of embroidery felt to cover the embroidery.

Place the piece of embroidery felt under the embroidery hoop and secure it with Wonder Tape if necessary to prevent it from slipping.

Secure the hoop again and embroider the last sequence. In this step, the top and bottom parts are connected and you get a clean back for your ITH snow globe hair clips.

At this point you can remove the hoop from the machine and remove the fabric from the hoop. You can simply remove the special effect embroidery film. I immediately embroidered two snow globes, because they fit perfectly in the hoop.

Next, cut the vinyl just along the edge of the embroidery. This works best with a pair of embroidery or appliqué scissors. Be careful not to cut the embroidery. You can cut the embroidery felt approximately 2mm from the embroidery.

Snow globe hair clips ITH: Embroider the hair clip cover

Great! The snow globe is finished. We now embroider the covers of the metal clips with embroidery felt.

To do this, open the second embroidery file for the ITH hair clip covers on your machine. Here too it makes sense to embroider two blankets at once.

Place the embroidery felt in your embroidery hoop.

Attach the hoop to the machine and embroider the first sequence – the placement line.

Then place a second piece of embroidery felt over the sequence you just embroidered and restart the machine.

Now embroider the following sequence.

You can now remove the hoop from the machine and remove the fabric.

Cut the lids at a distance of approx. 2 mm from the embroidered outline. I use pinking shears to do this.

ITH snow globe hair barrettes: Finishing the hair barrettes

Now you need metal hair clips, which you can get at any drugstore.

Place the metal clip on the back of the hair clip cover and use a marker. Mark the position of the screws of the metal clips with a dot.

Secure the back of the hair clip cover between the points. ATTENTION: Only the bottom side is cut!

You can now open the metal clips and push them through the opening in the hair clip cover.

Almost there! The ITH snow globe hair clips will be ready soon. Finally, you need to connect the snow globes to the hair clip covers. This works with either a few invisible hand stitches or a few drops of hot glue.

Free embroidery file download

I will now provide you with both embroidery files to download.

Important: First download the file to your computer and unzip the ZIP file. This is how you have access to the different machine formats. With some machines it is necessary to also transfer the .inf file to the embroidery machine.

download_freebie_snow globe hair clips (Zip file)

download_freebie_hair clips_cover (Zip file)

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