Advent Calendar 2023 – the 19th door

I’m the first person to admit that overloading during the holidays happens a lot. Bachelor. Year.

I always end up giving so many gifts (because it’s fun…at first…) and at some point I always fall behind. This is how it works literally every year. And every year I tell myself to commit to giving fewer gifts…and I never learn haha.

So if you’re like me, you’ll probably need some super quick (and cute!) projects to make for gifts, and what’s better than a fabric envelope to hold gift cards?! (or cash if you’re cool like that).

These fabric envelopes are super fun and quick to prepare for your favorite person, or they’re great for teachers, kids, and coworkers. And the fabric envelope is the handmade touch that every gift should have.

The best part? It’s reusable! So they can pass it on to someone else and cut down on some of that holiday packaging.

Let’s dive into these cute fabric envelopes. Also note: the felt trees in the photos are from FeltRight, they sent me a few for the holidays and I am in love!

First, you will need to download the template from HERE.

Once you have downloaded the template and saved it, we will begin our project.

Necessary Supplies

  • 1 model you can Download here
  • ¼ Yard or 1 Fat Quarter of outdoor fabric (I used Rifle Paper Co. Fabric from Hidden fabrics)
  • ¼ yard or 1 Fat Quarter of fabric for lining
  • Matching ribbon

To start

Iron the outer fabric and lining so they are flat.

Slowly trace the outline of your pattern onto the lining and exterior.

Carefully cut them out to get (1) piece of outer casing and (1) piece of liner casing. Finally, from the scraps, cut (1) 4″ x 4″ square for the card holder inside. (this is optional).

Sew the envelope

Note: I added my card holder pouch After I sewed the lining/exterior pieces together, this left a seam on the back of the envelope which I wasn’t a big fan of, to avoid this we add the pocket to the lining fabric Before sew them together.

Start by folding the 4-inch square in half and ironing flat. Open it up and fold the side edges over the back a ¼” (or less if you prefer, mine ended up somewhere between 1/8th and ¼”) and sew the fold to hold it in place.

Now fold it in half again along the previous fold you ironed, but inside out. Sew the raw edge to create a small tube.

Turn the tube right side out and move the back seam line to the middle, then iron flat. The seam line should be hidden on the back.

Align your pocket right sides together on the lining template piece also right side up indicated by the pattern and pin in place.

The pocket should be located approximately 1½” from the sides of the liner template piece and the top (folded edge of the pocket) should measure just under 6″ from the top point of the envelope piece.

This depends a lot on your preferences, if you want your card to be more visible, move it up! If you want it lower, lower it.

Sew along all 3 edges (right, bottom, left) to hold the pocket in place with narrow 1/8 Seam allowance.

Sew the lining and outer fabric together

With your lining fabric (and sewn pocket) facing up, lay the outer piece of fabric on top, right sides together. The two right sides should face each other.

Pin around the outside, leaving a small opening (2ish”) for turning.

Sew around the perimeter with a ¼” seam allowance.

To work around stitches, stop sewing when you reach a turning point, lower your needle and raise your foot. Turn your fabric in the new direction. Lower your foot and continue sewing.

I always do a triple reverse/seam at the beginning and end when I turn it over, otherwise my seam tends to come out later.

Finish your envelope

Once you’ve finished sewing, cut small lines near all the stitches to relieve tension. I also trim any sharp corners to allow the fabric to lie flatter after being turned inside out.

Turn your envelope right side out and iron it flat, pushing the seams so they are as flat as possible.

Tuck your ¼” turning hole and pin.

Sew with a 1/8th seam allowance around the perimeter of the wrap, making sure to catch the layers as they pass through the turning hole.

Your beautiful envelope is finished!

Try next time:

  • Embroider (by hand or machine) the recipient’s name on the exterior fabric before assembly
  • Attach bells or buttons to add a touch of holiday cheer
  • Adding a bow (fabric or ribbon) by hand from a tree or stocking holder
  • Add a stamp or something fun to the back.

I hope you had as much fun as I did making your envelopes! And now because I’m obviously behind on 30 other Christmas presents, I have to run! Happy Holidays!

Jess – Quiltd Studios

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