Aba fabric: history, properties, uses, care, where to buy – Teaching you how

Aba fabric: history, properties, uses, care, where to buy
If you love to own an expensive fur coat or an exotic looking muffler, you definitely know what Aba fabric is. It is a fabric woven from goat and camel hair. As the fibers are natural and of animal origin, the fabric is expensive but is not environmentally sustainable.
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History of Aba fabric Aba Fabric is a fabric woven from goat and camel hair, originally introduced by the Turks.
Properties of Aba fabric – Biodegradable: Made from natural hair and fur, Aba Fabric is biodegradable.
– Warm and cozy: Natural hair provides insulation and a soft texture, making Aba fabric cozy and comfortable.
– Luxurious and shiny appearance: Aba Fabric has a natural shine and grace in its appearance, enhancing the appearance of outfits.
– High tensile strength but lightweight: Aba fabric is durable yet lightweight thanks to the long, thick hair fibers.
– Not environmentally friendly: the manufacturing of Aba fabric indirectly harms and kills predators, which has a negative impact on the ecosystem and wildlife.
Uses of Aba Fabric – Clothing: Aba fabric is used to make luxurious overcoats, delicate garments, woolen garments and sweaters.
– Furnishing: It is widely used in making rugs, carpets, curtains, craft yarns and seat covers due to its natural look and texture.
– Blankets: The porous and insulating nature of Aba fabric makes it ideal for making soft and warm blankets.
Caring for Aba Fabric Aba fabric is sensitive to heat and water temperature, requiring proper washing to avoid shrinkage and rough texture.

History of Aba fabric

You must have seen in the films made on previous centuries where heroes wore luxurious overcoats made of camel and goat skin and hair. The concept of using animal hair was initially introduced by the Turks. Over time, people began to refine its processing, improve its production and later named the same material Aba Fabric.

Properties of Aba fabric

Aba fabric is unique in that there is no perfect substitute that mimics its natural characteristics or composition. I guess that’s why it’s so expensive! Let’s see some of its properties:


Unlike other synthetic fabrics, Aba fabric is purely biodegradable as it is made from natural hair and fur from goats and camels.

Warm and comfortable

Ultimately, you want your outfit to be cozy and comfortable despite how it looks. Thanks to the natural pile, the fabric has insulating properties and a soft texture. It’s like treating yourself to silky, luxurious clothes.

Luxurious and shiny appearance

Although the fibers are processed, little effort is made on the appearance of clothing sewn in Aba fabric. Aba fabric has a natural shine and grace in its appearance. The colors are raw and natural, which enhances the look of your outfit.

High tensile strength but lightweight

Hair fibers are long and thick. This eliminates the chances of your Aba Fabric clothes wearing out quickly and you can wear them casually as they are lightweight and easy to carry.

Not environmentally friendly

As a regular buyer, you would like to know the collective effect of the items you purchase. And because we have this platform, we feel this obligation to address the environmental impact of manufacturing Aba Fabric.

No animals are killed during hair extraction, but they are injured and tortured. However, goat and camel predators are injured and indirectly killed. This negatively affects the balance of the ecosystem and wildlife. This knowledge would alert your environmental conservation radar, but you need to know all aspects of Aba Fabric.

Uses of Aba Fabric

Aba fabric is very versatile and you must have noticed how it has been used in the following cases:


All luxurious coats, delicate clothing, most woolen sheets and sweaters that keep you warm are made from Aba fabrics. If you are a fan of knitting and weaving, we personally recommend Aba Fabric as it will help you make beneficial and sophisticated garments.


Due to its unmatched natural look and texture, Aba fabric is widely used in making rugs, carpets, curtains, craft yarns and even stylish seat covers.


The porous and insulating nature of Aba fabric makes it ideal for making blankets. This fabric is soft and silky and also keeps you warm during cold and frosty winter nights.

Caring for Aba Fabric

Aba fabric is sensitive to heat and water temperature. If you do not wash your Aba Fabric clothes properly, they may shrink and become rough in texture. Their maintenance is crucial, which is why this fabric must be handled with the greatest care and precision; otherwise, you might end up ruining your perfectly good Aba Fabric clothes!

Where to buy Aba fabric

We recommend purchasing Aba fabric from Fabric.com.

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