10 Best Sewing Scissors: What You Need in Your Sewing Room Now

Good quality scissors are one of the most important tools for any seamstress or quilter. When it comes to choosing a good pair of sewing scissors, always choose scissors that are sharp, durable, corrosion resistant and the right tool for the job.

If you’re new to sewing, chances are you got your first pair of scissors in a sewing kit. Sometimes these look pretty when you get them, but often they are cheaply produced and of poor quality.

Here are my top 10 scissors for cutting fabric. There are 3 pairs of scissors that I can’t sew without – and more that I also recommend if you can afford them. I know you will find a good pair of scissors to meet your needs in this list. Most of these manufacturers also offer left-handed scissors.

1. Guggenhein 9” seamstress scissors

Photo credit: guggenhein.com

Every sewer should start with a large pair of tailor’s scissors to cut out fabric pattern pieces, trim seams, and slice multiple layers of fabric.

These sturdy 9-inch seamstress scissors from Guggenhein are wonderful. They have longer blades than my other scissors, making them perfect sewing scissors for cutting out large pattern pieces or quilting scissors for cutting yardage and batting. The sharp blades and strong tips are also ideal for cutting notches in thick seams – something smaller scissors struggle to do. This makes them perfect for cutting everything from lightweight cotton to heavy fabrics like denim and leather. The large blades also make it easier to cut in a straight line. They have metal handles, but remain comfortable to hold, even after many uses.

2. Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors

Photo credit: karenkaybuckley.com

When I first started sewing, I didn’t understand the point of having a small pair of scissors handy. I thought big scissors could do everything, so why buy more? Well, I guess I was partly right, but with experience I have learned that small scissors can easily make precise cuts and accurately cut small pieces of fabric, such as for appliques or small shapes cut out with a template. They usually have very ergonomic and soft rubber handles, so if your hands tire easily or suffer from arthritis, or you just want to avoid hand fatigue, don’t torture yourself – get some high quality small scissors .

For this, I recommend the ones made by Karen Kay Buckley, but I find the 7” size to be my favorite. These fabric scissors have large, comfortable handles, they cut so easily and have great precision! I bought these when I had to choose just one pair of scissors for a sewing cruise and I was so happy to have them. As a bonus, these scissors have serrated blades, which are hard to see unless you look very closely, but the serrated edges prevent fabrics from slipping.

3. Wire cutters

Photo credit: tulapink.com

Here’s another sewing tool that took me way too long to discover. I must be a money pincher! But this pair of Tula Pink thread cutters has quickly become my favorite item in my sewing room. If you haven’t tried thread cutters, you don’t know how much you need them ALL DAY and for every project from quilting to embroidery. They cut frayed threads so nicely and closely without harming my projects, and I never realized how wonderful it is to save all the energy needed for scissors. As an added bonus, the titanium coating on the scissors not only makes them stronger and rust-resistant, but also gives them their beautiful color patterns.

I was constantly moving them around my sewing room until I bought more so I could have thread cutters next to each sewing machine. I bought some Havel brand wire shears to save a few dollars and they are a little smaller and almost as stunning as my Tula Pink Rainbow Shears.

4. Spring-loaded scissors for rag quilts

Photo credit: fiskars.com

Rag quilts are so cuddly and fun to make (here’s my ultimate guide to making rag quilts), but cutting all the cuts in the seams can tire your hands very quickly. I ran out and bought a pair of Fiskars heavy duty spring loaded scissors before my first rag quilt was finished and I probably would have never finished this quilt without them! The soft plastic handles are gentle on your hands, especially when they open on their own after each cut. As a bonus, I still use this same pair many rag quilts later. The stainless steel blades are also a nice touch to these scissors, as I never have to worry about them corroding. So if you decide to make a rag quilt, get some spring-loaded scissors with a comfortable handle first instead of waiting.

5. Kai Pinking Scissors 8”

Photo credit: kaiscissors.com

Pinking shears cut in a zigzag pattern, but they are not intended for simple decorative cutting! I use them to cut seams that I don’t want to fray (when I’m too busy or lazy to finish the seam with my overlocker). And when you need to cut lots of notches in a curved seam to help it turn nicely, there’s nothing simpler than grabbing some pinking shears and cutting them all in one fell swoop. The 8-inch blade also allows me to make larger cuts, which saves me time.

The Kai brand scissors are generally excellent (I also have a pair of Kai sewing scissors), but I particularly like their pinked scissors. The handle is smooth and provides a comfortable grip even when cutting multiple layers or thicker fabrics.

6. Double Curved Machine Embroidery Scissors

Photo credit: ginger.com

If you do machine embroidery, you need to have double-curved machine embroidery scissors. The purpose of the curved handle is to help you reach the hoop. You can cut applique pieces and other fabrics in the hoop neatly and close to the seams. Additionally, cutting skipped wires is also easier thanks to the curved handles.

I’ve purchased three different brands of 6-inch double-bent machine embroidery scissors, and my favorites are the Ginghers. They have the sharpest blades and are the easiest to cut.

7. Pretty vintage embroidery scissors

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

Finally, I like to have cute little scissors that I can take with me to hand sew in different places. They don’t cost very much and because they’re so small, I’ve never had trouble taking them to places where my bags have been searched (like the hospital or on a plane – but you’ll want to check before you go). When people notice I’m working on a hand sewing project, they always notice my little scissors too! The scissors above were a gift, but I’ve seen lots of similar ones on Amazon.

Keep in mind that nice scissors like these are great for cutting delicate fabrics and threads. Their pointed tips make them great for cutting threads close to fabric, but using them on heavy materials is not a good idea.

8. Gingher 8″ Classic Scissors

Photo credit: ginger.com

Before I found my Guggenhein sheers (#1 above), the Gingher 8″ sewing scissors were my favorite scissors. I still have several pairs. They are very sharp, can be resharpened when needed and are made to last.

Tip: If you notice these scissors coming loose, gently tighten the screw you see in the middle.

9. Kai Pink Handle Scissors

Photo credit: kaiscissors.com

These are also some of my favorite scissors (I know, I own too many). These Kai pink handled scissors are a versatile size with a 6 1/2″ blade, ideal for trimming and trimming seam allowances, cutting out small pattern pieces, and cutting appliqué shapes. The plastic handles are soft and comfortable.

10. Handi Quilter Batting Scissors

Photo credit: handiquilter.com

If you are a quilter and often cut batting, you will love using special batting scissors. Handi Quilter tools and notions are some of the best I have found for quilters, so these Handi Quilter batting scissors are the brand I chose. They are light, but long and pointed. I love the curve of the blade which makes it easy to cut batting on my table, the floor or directly on my long arm frame. If you cut a lot of fleece, you will thank me!

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