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Get ready to dive into the latest and greatest digital issue of Creative embroidery machine. Prepare for a whirlwind of winter holiday inspiration that will keep your creativity flowing. Take a look at what's inside and start your winter sewing!

Winter decoration

Hold on to your holiday hats because we've got you covered with the most spectacular ways to transform your space into a winter wonderland. Countdown to the big day with an embroidered Advent calendar that's as fun to make as it is to use. But that's not all! Imagine your fireplace adorned with charming freestanding embroidered houses, giving off the warm ambiance of the season. And why stop there? Make a tree skirt that is an ode to the winter forest, bringing the beauty of nature right into your home.

Holiday Gifts

Gift giving just got a whole lot better with our machine embroidered cross stitch gift tags and bags. These aren't just beacons; they are tiny masterpieces that turn your gifts into works of art! And calling all bookworms, we have something special for you too. Imagine pretty embroidered bookmarks, the perfect companions for all those thrilling adventures between the pages. Oh, but it's not over! Get ready to give the ultimate in personalized gifts: we're talking hats and socks as unique as the snowflakes falling outside. Practical meets personalized in the most fabulous way!

Personalized labels are great winter sewing projects.  Turn on your embroidery machine and start making some today!

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Our regular features

Keep your embroidery threads because the usual characteristics of Creative embroidery machine are about to blow your mind when it comes to crafts. Get ready to give your machine a day at the spa with the all-important Basic Training article. But this is only the beginning! Have you ever heard of piecing the paper into the hoop? Get ready to master this revolutionary technique in Quilt This. And for those of you planning extra luxurious winter projects, Fabric Foray is your choice. Leather and suede take center stage, promising projects that exude sophistication.

Your embroidery machine is your best friend for winter and holiday gifts and decor.

More Winter Wonders to Embroider

Looking for more cold weather sewing inspiration? These projects are perfect!

Vintage Charm Ornaments: Sew a set of ornaments into the hoop with a vintage touch. The delicate appliques and stitched details will make this collection a favorite for years to come.

CME Fall Embroidery Design: While you wait for winter, celebrate fall by adding seasonal touches to your next project — some of these designs will make their way into winter, too! This collection includes a candle, a harvest truck, a latte, a tart, a scarf and a teacup.

Happy winter sewing!

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