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Phew, it’s been a long time since our last Weekend Links post! A few things have been happening in my life lately (I took the famous S to college, bought and renovating a new apartment, etc.) and I'm sure you've been busy too . But I missed these Friday articles and I saved plenty of interesting articles to share with you. So let's go!

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Are you still as excited about the silhouette of wide-leg pants and midi A-line skirts as I am? I'm in the process of remaking a black silk/linen Garibaldi skirt and can't wait to wear my Cannes pants again this fall.

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  • Art and chemistry: a story of color in art.
  • If you've ever sewn swimsuits, you know that it's not the easiest thing to do, which is why I thought of this article on making and selling swimwear is particularly interesting.
  • Is Teen Fashion Important?? When we launched Oliver + S, our children's clothing brand, many of you praised us for making clothes for real children instead of putting them in styles you considered age-inappropriate. Are we dressing our children in clothes that are too old for them?
  • For some reason my eyes tricked me into reading 30 YEARS instead of 30 clothes. When I realized my mistake, I felt a little shocked, even though I know I shouldn't be anymore…
  • I hope this means we'll see much more fiber art in the future. After seeing the Dorothy Liebes exhibits at Cooper Hewitt This summer I think it would be nice to see more textile exhibitions. In addition to fashion of course.
  • I'm all for minimalism (I'm pretty minimalist myself), but I'm not a huge fan of the cut of a lot of clothes at the moment. Too oversized, too boxy, even basic women's t-shirts are huge with a wide neckline. I'm looking forward to what happens after this series of normcore.
  • Who else can't wait to see this? exhibitions featuring female creators? I may have to book a ticket to Paris to see the Iris van Herpen, in particular. Are you coming?

Also, we're about two weeks away from the release of our new fall styles, so stay tuned! And have a great weekend.

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