Weekend Links: A Reflection on Personal Style

Hello friends!

I recently listened Ezra Klein interview with Kyle Chayka (available to read or listen via this free link) and then I came across this article written by him in The Guardian. This echoes something I've been thinking about a lot recently:

When we moved to Madrid eight years ago, I was often a little disappointed by the decor of the restaurants and bars in the city center. Many of these places were very plain – ugly, in fact – filled with clunky old tables and chairs and little thought given to decoration. I am very visual and my environment is important to me. After living in New York and spending time in cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Berlin and Vienna, these restaurants seemed very unappealing to me. I wanted more creativity, light and overall style!

Over the past few years, I've started to notice more attention being paid to decor, both in new bars and restaurants and in older renovations. But the design of these sites does not match the homogenization that has occurred across much of the world. The other day I was telling a friend how much I love that these places have remained authentic and Spanish. So while they update their look and pay more attention to their decor, it makes me happy that they also stay authentically Spanish.

And part of that is me too: I've learned to appreciate some of the older settings that have always been there and didn't resonate with me at first. I think I was looking for the more seamless decor that I knew from my previous life and expected of a typically elegant or classy restaurant. But during my time here, I learned to appreciate the difference between French, Italian and Spanish style and not want what I could find in Venice rather than Madrid. It’s not just my environment that’s changing; I change too.

And that's part of what Mr. Chayka was saying as well. Although we can easily be influenced by what is around us, by what we see on Instagram and by what the algorithm feeds us, it is important to listen to your own personality and tastes too, to find what you like , what makes you who you are.

So what is your style? What do you want to sew and wear this year? I hope I can help you find it or refine it if you're looking for it. I think that's something that we can always develop, that we can play with, and I'd like to walk through that process a little bit with you. Shall we?

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