We are going on a quilting safari

Hello, dear quilting and sewing enthusiasts, I am so happy, the time has come: I am taking you with a new quilt. We're going on safari! Anyone who has ever experienced a safari knows how breathtaking it is.

The Quilt Safari starts soon – Are you joining us?

Of course, our quilt is aptly named “Safari Quilt.”

I've been working on this beautiful background quilt for a while now and I can tell you: it's been a blast – and I'm sure the quilt will be an unforgettable sewing adventure for everyone involved.

So prepare your khaki shorts, don't forget your straw hat and go to the land of large fantastic animals… Africa!

Let's go for Quilt-Safari!

The Safari Quilt

What are we going to sew?

Maybe some of you already know, I love Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP). It is a quilting technique that allows for very precise and detailed stitching and is, in my opinion, relatively simple.

No fabric needs to be pre-cut and you don't need to pay attention to grain. You sew on paper, that's the base. Hence the word foundation. The finished quilt block is created on the back.

I am delighted to introduce you to the Foundation Paper Piecing technique with this Safari Quilt.

This quilt contains a total of 17 FPP quilt blocks. Some are included twice or more often. We sew a total of 8 different designs on the top of the quilt and a cute diamond border, which I think compliments the entire quilt perfectly.

It's up to you to plan the time needed to sew this quilt and see that it is entirely achievable: most of the blocks in this quilt can be sewn in about 1.5 hours. Only Ludwig the lion needs a little more time because of his mane. You can find information on the exact process later in this article.

lion quilt block pattern

Ludwig the lion

Is Quilt Safari suitable for beginners?

I know a lot of people are hesitant to use the FPP technique because it's supposed to be very complicated. However, last year's Sail-Along on the BERNINA International Blog showed us that even absolute beginners can achieve excellent results. I'm sure our Safari Quilt will be no different.

The safari is designed so that all skill levels of quilters can participate. We will start with the easiest blocks and progress gradually. As part of the safari there will be instructional videos in which I will show the process step by step. The Quilt Safari is suitable for both FPP beginners and experienced quilters who have already succeeded with many blocks.

You'll learn how to glue patterns together and the best way to work with them, learn tips for sewing and assembling individual pattern pieces, and much more.

By the end of Quilt Safari, I hope you love paper piecing as much as I do, and I hope it's just as easy for you.

baby elephant quilt block pattern in red and blue Baby Elephant Quilt Block


I used mostly plain fabrics for this quilt. The entire quilt is made in my absolute favorite colors. Warm tones of pink and orange with a bit of yellow and a warm green, which I personally really like. But of course you are free to choose what you prefer.

Do you want to sew with the same colors as me? That makes me happy! Matching fabric sets in pre-cut quantities perfect for the quilt safari are available from Jason Bieber of Kingfisher craft company.

It is best to order as soon as possible. Then everything will be ready when instructions for the first block are released in three weeks.

Jason from Kingfisher craft company delivers to the United States and Canada. Do you live elsewhere? Then contact your local fabric retailer or quilt store.

Of course, you can also join the safari with other fabrics. You can totally use your own stash of fabrics or color combinations. I can't wait to see your creations and combinations.

Elephant Quilt Block Patterns in Red and Gray

Elephant quilt blocks including Elli the Elephant (top center)

To participate in the quilt safari, you will need the quilt pattern Safari quilt.

The pattern consists of 8 different basic paper quilt blocks and 43 4.5 inch squares. The following blocks are included in the model:

  • the baby elephant
  • Elli, the elephant
  • the elephant standing (front)
  • zebra
  • rhinoceros
  • acacia
  • the GIRAFE
  • the proud lion

And as a bonus, diamond border blocks.

You must buy the reason to participate in the Quilt Along. Of course, participation in the safari is voluntary – but I am happy to welcome many fellow travelers!

If the model does not suit you and you are hesitant about this project, you are invited to become a spectator of the safari. I think you will also gain a lot of experience and love for FPP as a watcher.

Zoe the Zebra Quilt Block Pattern Zoe the Zebra Quilt Block Pattern

The Quilt Safari program:

Quilt Safari blog posts will be published on the dates below, always on a Thursday – so you'll have time to sew over the weekend. You can follow our schedule and sew the blocks step by step. But you can also work around your own schedule and join the Quilt Safari later, for example.

Here is the schedule for our Quilt Safari:

  • January 18, 2024: You'll get details on fabrics and other supplies – and there will be a raffle (giveaway) with great prizes!
  • February 15, 2024: We will start with the FPP sewing process. You will get a step-by-step tutorial, perfect for FPP beginners. There is also a video with detailed sewing instructions.
  • February 22, 2024: We will sew up Elli the elephant (trunk raised).
  • February 29, 2024: We will sew up the zebra.
  • March 7, 2024: This week the standing elephant is on our program (elephant facing).
  • March 14, 2024: We are going to sew the rhino.
  • March 21, 2024: We will sew the baby elephant (trunk down).
  • March 28, 2024: We will sew up the graceful giraffe
  • April 4, 2024: This week we are going to sew the acacias.
    We're taking a quick break so everyone can catch up.
  • April 18, 2024: We sew Ludwig the lion.
  • April 25, 2024: We will cut out the squares and sew the quilt blocks together.
  • May 2, 2024: We sew the quilt border. The final grand raffle will also take place.

Show us your photos of your completed work by June 16, 2024!

June 20, 2024 Final winners announced

Let us know you're up for it!

Are you participating? So put on your khaki shorts, grab a straw hat and show everyone on social media that you're in the Jeep and on safari! You can use the graphics below. Click “Download Button” to save them to your device!

Please use the hashtag #quiltsafari on all social media posts and mention @berninusa And @joejuneandmae on Instagram for the opportunity to be featured!

safari quilt to sew

Quilt Safari social media button

quilt safari social media button

Quilt Safari social media post to share

Download button

Now for the gift…

To be more precise: there are two gifts! With the blog article on fabric requirements, which will be published next Thursday, January 18, 2024, you can already win great prizes, including a large thread case from Mettler. So don't hesitate to check back on the BERNINA WeAllSew blog on January 18, 2024.

In June, when all the quilt tops are finished and the border is complete, we will be hosting our final, amazing giveaway with HUGE prizes.

You don't have to sew the “best” quilt. I just want you to have a beautiful finished Safari quilt by June. I hope you learned a lot and above all that you had a lot of fun sewing this quilt! Competition winners will be chosen at random.

BERNINA is offering a Bernette 77 as the main prize. The bernette 70 series machine offers convenience features such as a 5-inch color touchscreen for intuitive navigation, bernette dual feed for even feeding of all materials, programmable foot control with back-kick function and many other extras.

Additional prices

  • Three models of Joe, June and Mae worth 7.90 euros each.
  • Mettler Silk Finish Cotton Thread
  • Kingfisher Craft Company Fat Quarter Lot (consisting of 5 FQ)

I hope you are as excited as I am. I can't wait to see everyone who participates.

How to enter the final competition

To enter the competition, you must post a photo of your completed quilt top on social media or in the community section of the BERNINA WeAllSew blog before June 16, 2024.

Here are the conditions:

  • Your quilt top should have been sewn in its original size according to Quilt Safari's instructions.
  • You are free to choose your own fabrics, colors and materials.
  • Binding is not necessary and quilting does not need to be completed.
  • Participation in the competition is done by publishing a photo on Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #quiltsafari!
    • Please note that Instagram profile must be public to participate.

If you don't have a public Instagram profile, you can participate by uploading photos of your quilt to the Community section of the BERNINA WeAllSew blog. Don't forget to select “Quilt Safari” from the drop-down list under “Participate” when uploading to the community area:

project details

Winners will be chosen at random. You can participate on Instagram and in the Community section of the WeAllSew blog.

Details at a glance

  • Would you like to participate in the Quilt Safari? You are more than welcome, there is plenty of room in the Jeep! No registration necessary.
  • A blog post will be published next Thursday, January 18, 2024, with detailed information on fabric requirements and a giveaway to get you started.
  • The first instructions will be published on February 15. The end of the Quilt Safari is scheduled for mid-June 2024.
  • Instructions are always posted on the BERNINA WeAllSew blog. Here you will find an overview of all articles from the Quilt Safari blog: Quilt Safari on the BERNINA WeAllSew blog
  • You can register at WeAllSew Blog Newsletter or for my newsletter and receive regular updates.
  • It's a community effort. Show us photos of your work anytime! On social media (please use the hashtag #quiltsafari) or in the Community section of the blog.
  • Obtain your fabrics and patterns before February 15, 2024. You can of course also work with fabrics from your reserve.

I really look forward to seeing you. As Hemingway said so well: “If I have ever seen magic, it is in Africa. »

elephant quilt block pattern in pink and gray

Elli the elephant

I look forward to a very special adventure with you!

See you soon,
to you Ingrid

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