Tutorial: lining a vest

Tutorial: lining a vest

In this previous blog post, I showed you how to add sleeves to the Junna cardigan pattern to children And women.
In this tutorial, I only made the unlined version, the one that needs to be finished with bias tape all around.
Since then, I have been asked several times if it was also possible to add sleeves to the lined version, and how that would work.
So I'm happy to show you how to do it with a comprehensive tutorial and lots of photos.
Happy sewing!


-Junna vest model for children and/or women
-sewing machine
-main fabric (see pattern for fabric requirements)
-lining fabric (same quantity as main fabric)
-corresponding wire

My device : BERNINE 480 with the Three-Sole Walking Foot with Sewing Guide #50 installed.

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1. Cut your fabric

Cut out your front, back and sleeves from the outer fabric and the lining fabric.

2. Shoulder seams and side seams

Pin the shoulder and side seams of the front and back right sides together.
Repeat for the lining pieces.

Junna vest voeren: schoudernaden and zijnaden


Pin the side seams of your outer fabric sleeve right sides together.
Sew and repeat for the other sleeve.

Press the seams open, just like the side seams and shoulder seams of your front/back pieces of the outer fabric.

Junna vest for: mouwen

Repeat for the lining fabric sleeves, leaving a 20-30 cm opening in one of the sleeve seams.

Junna vest for: mouwen

Insert the sleeves of your outer fabric vest and your lining fabric vest following the instructions in the pattern tutorial.

Junna vest voeren: mouw inzetten

You now have 2 vests, one in outer fabric and one in lining fabric.

Junna Vest nearby

4. Sew the vests together

Place your outer fabric vest on the table in front of you as shown in the image below.
Make sure your sleeves are rolled up.

Junna vest voeren: vesten aan elkaar naaien

Repeat the operation for your lined fabric vest:

Junna vest voeren: vesten aan elkaar naaien

Turn your lining fabric vest inside out and place it on top of your outer fabric vest.
This way the edges of the front and back will be facing each other right sides together.

Pin the edges right sides together, all around.

Junna vest for: randen spelden

Sew all around.
Cut the seam allowance and give small darts in the curves.

Junna vest for: randen

5. Sew the sleeves together

We will attach the sleeve hems of the main fabric and the lining fabric together.

Fold 1 sleeve of the main fabric and 1 sleeve of the lining fabric toward each other at the side seam of the jacket.
Make sure they are sleeves on the same side of the jacket and are not twisted.

Fold back 4cm at the sleeve hem from the lining fabric.

Insert the sleeve of the lining fabric into the sleeve of the main fabric.
The right sides of the hems now face each other.

Pin the hems all around and sew in place.

Junna vest voeren: mouwen aan elkaar naaien

6. Turn your vest inside out

Turn your jacket inside out by pulling it through the opening you left in one of the liner sleeves.

Push all the corners and push the liner sleeves into the outer sleeves.
Press your vest.
Topstitch all the way around, 2mm from the edge and close the opening you left in the sleeve.

Your lined Junna vest with sleeves is finished, great job!

Love, Isabelle

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