Tutorial for the free Nahla girl dress.

You have probably downloaded the free pattern for August 203? You can still find it until the end of the month via this link. If you haven't done so yet, there are still a few days left for the free download. Here is the tutorial for the free Nahla girl’s dress. If you missed the free link, you can still purchase it from the Inspiration website.

Here is more information about embroidery: ‘Free Embroidery on Nahla Dress'.

What do you need?

  • The free pattern with embroidered flowers.
  • Cotton or linen fabric, 80 to 90 cm for the dress.
  • Cut out the other parts of the pattern, iron on the facings. I assembled the two parts of the facings into one, to avoid shoulder seams in the facings. The stripe for the lower steering wheel measures 140 cm x 16 cm. Take marks and notches.
  • Sewing thread Mettler
  • Overlock thread (I used Mettler Silk Finish cotton)
  • A button
  • A narrow ribbon

Tutorial for the free Nahla girl dress.

Start sewing the Nahla dress:

Overlock the central back seams of the two parts of the back pattern, overlock the outer curves of the facings, the shoulder seams and those of the sleeves. While I was sewing the #BERNINA L 460, I continued with the bottom ruffle (which was a little too fast, I forgot to close the stripe with a ring beforehand). The quantity of fringe depends on the weight and quality of the fabric.

Image of the BERNINA L 460.


The BERNINA L 460 overlocker offers up to 1,500 stitches per minute and guarantees beautiful and flexible stitches. The BERNINA L 460 is the perfect serger/overlocker for the creative knitwear seamstress.

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Mine was perfectly fitted to the dress in size 122, a coincidence!

I took these settings for the machine. The differential feed and stitch length have been set to maximum.

In the sewing instructions you will notice that you need to close the ring first, then the fringe.

Close the shoulder and sleeve seams and iron them separately.

Sew with long straight stitches along the sleeve seam allowance. Use this thread to gather the sleeve and adjust it to the armhole seam.

Pin the shoulder seam to the sleeve seam and sew together, as you would darts.

Are you going to do a rolled hem? Overlock the sleeve hem 2cm above the side seam markings.

Or make a narrow hem on the sleeve, that's what I did. You will need to cut the side seam.

Sew and overlock the side seam.

Sew the center back seam up to the slit mark.

Pin the facings (don't forget the button ribbon) along the neckline. Sew from the marking of one back part, above the neckline, towards the other mark for the slit of the other back part. Cut curves and cut corners. Overlock the seam

Finish the dress with the bottom ruffle.

Since I overlocked the stripe on the bottom ruffle before closing the seam, I now have to open a few cm to sew it.

Pin the ruffle to the dress, sew it and overlock. Sew the button.

The dress is ready.

Isn't that super cute? I hope the free Nahla girls dress tutorial will also help you make one.

Free Sewing Instructions: “Nahla” Girls’ Dress

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