Toy storage basket – Tutorial

Hello Bernina lovers!

Please raise your hand if you like one tidy house. And please raise your hand again if tidying the house has become easy…

And one of the most disorganized places in the house (at least in mine) is usually my kids' bedroom. They have their toys and games and they love playing with them, but Oh my God, when it comes to putting everything back together, they just don't do it…

So I thought making baskets would help make the room tidier. To start, I made a big one, so that my children's Playmobils could all fit inside. You can follow this tutorial to make one like this and also adjust the measurements to make smaller ones.

I think baskets are perfect for any area of ​​the house, they help organize things better without taking too much time to put them away, and they look cute both in a cabinet and on shelves.

And U.S, seamstresseswe are lucky to have the choice of fabrics and colors we want to use. These baskets can also be a fabric scrap shredder because you can use different parts to make the baskets.

Here are the simple steps to follow to make this large basket. A tip, if you want to make it tighter, you can add interfacing between the 2 layers. Use one that can be ironed onto one of the layers of fabric and it will look great.

I used canvas fabric for this cart, and I haven't added any interface.

Necessary material…

Fabric: 1.50 meters of exterior fabric and 1.50 meters of interior fabric

Interfacing (optional): 1.50 meters

Cut 5 pieces of main fabric and 5 pieces of inner fabric, you will get 10 in total.

Please note that this basket is totally reversible.


The measures are as follows:

– 2 squares of 50×50 cm + 1 cm seam allowance all around on the main (or exterior) fabric. Cut the same pieces for the interior fabric.

– 3 rectangles of 50×70 cm + 1 cm seam allowance all around. Cut these pieces on the main fabric (or outside). Cut the same pieces for the interior fabric. 2 of these rectangles are the sides and 1 is the base (same for the interior fabric).

Here's what you'll get (plus interfacing if you decide to add it).

My outer fabric is ice cream and my inner fabric is green.

Place one of the squares and one of the rectangles right sides together, sew the side seam at 1 cm.

Iron the seams open and topstitch (on the right side) 0.5 cm from the previous seam. This will strengthen your seam and make the basket stronger.

Continue sewing the other square and rectangle in the same way until all four are sewn together.

Once the 4 pieces that make up the sides are sewn together, pin the base of the basket to them, right sides together.

Sew the base to the sides with 4 straight lines of stitches (finish each line and start a new one for the other sides, instead of turning the seam on the corners).

You can overlock (or do a zigzag stitch around the edges) the four basic seams to make it sturdier as well.

Place the inner piece inside the outer, right sides together, and sew them together, leaving a 20cm opening.

You can overlock the seam (without filling the space left).

Flip the pieces upside down, through the space left in the previous step.

Make sure all corners are out.

Iron flat and tuck in the seam allowance left in the space. Topstitch all around 0.5 cm from the edge, filling the space.

You can turn the top part for a prettier look.

And there you have it, you can now put all the toys inside! And repeat the process to make more baskets.

What do you think? Super easy to make and so useful and cute!

This is a perfect project for a sewing beginner.

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