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I hope the sewing room spending series has been interesting and helpful over the last few weeks. We looked at whether spending more money on sewing tools, gadgets, and gadgets could give you better sewing results, save you time, or just make sewing more fun.

Covered so far:

With the holidays approaching, I wanted to spend a little on some new sewing supplies and trade in my budget-friendly versions for something a little better.

Today, the Bodkin

What is the bodysuit you may be wondering? I too just didn't know what this tool was called, I just knew I wanted one. You know when you need to thread ribbon through a loop for a drawstring bag, or maybe thread elastic through a waist loop for a skirt? I use a large (rusty) safety pin. It's not ideal, I can do better!


This is the new and improved version of the big old rusty safety pin. A real all-rounder. I bought this one from Cloverthe Clip and Glide Bodkin, part of the Nancy Zieman collection.

Bodkin 1

Sometimes it's the simplest things in life that make you happy, and this little tool makes my day! It has a nice soft, smooth, slightly rounded end that won't snag on anything and will slide smoothly through, sliding through when you get to the tricky part at the seams.

It's flexible too. Firm enough to pass through easily and yet flexible enough that if you have a tight curve you need to get around, like a casing on the end of a sleeve perhaps, it fits there wonderfully too.

Bodkin 2

What's great is how it holds the elastic. There is a clip that goes up, slide the elastic in and it pulls it in tight. With the little teeth underneath, that rubber band doesn't come out and get lost halfway through the case so you have to start again!

Bodkin 3

My favorite thing about this tool, even with that awesome clip, is just the length. I never realized what I was missing pushing that safety pin millimeters at a time until I had a nice long, flexible body like this. Now I can slide it through the case much faster, inches at a time instead of millimeters.

So, in answer to the question, do you really need a sewing mat – no, of course you don't. need A. I've done very well without one, but it can make sewing faster and easier and therefore a little more fun if you have one.

So this one is a MUST GET for me. Saves time, fun to use, does exactly what it's intended to do and does it well. Plus, we all need more pokey tools in our sewing toolbox.

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