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Between your full-time job and household chores, and perhaps some young children, you may have lost hope of finding time to sew. It can seem impossible to integrate a project with all the other things that need your more urgent attention. But you know what they say, “all work and no play makes you a boring girl” and yes, sewing is play for those like you who are truly passionate about it. So now don't despair that you will never find the time to devote yourself to your favorite hobby. Here are some tips for finding time to sew despite your busy lifestyle.

Know what you want to achieve and be realistic

First of all, you must already be decided on your next project. Know exactly what you want to do. Whether it's quilting a full-size spread or even a potholder, you should have a clear plan on your goal. If you want to get a quick result, work on something simple, small projects like maximum hours. table runners Or quilted pot holders. If you are more patient and willing to work in “slots”, you can take on a larger project but know that you will have to wait a little before seeing major progress…

Be realistic in your timeline. We've already established how busy you are and you probably have a daily routine that is almost strictly followed every waking hour. This can be a good thing because you'll know exactly when it's possible to steal an hour or more to work on a project.

how to find time to sew

Add it to your schedule

It doesn't matter whether you set a schedule on a weekly or daily basis, but if you really want to sew, you need to add sewing time to your schedule. Some examples: If you have an hour to read a book every night before bed, then you can cut it in half to devote the other half to your sewing project, or you can do them alternately. You got the idea.

Stick to your schedule

So you've somehow managed to add sewing to your schedule. Now you have to learn to stick with it. Don't even think about skipping it because you couldn't complete the tasks you scheduled just before. Because if you keep thinking that it's not that important, you will always, as always, find things that you deem more urgent to do and before you know it, your machine and supplies are already gathering dust for Several weeks. and you don't even remember where you left off.

how to find time to sew

Have an organized and dedicated sewing space

It will really help when you finally have time to sew, if you already have all the supplies you need and know exactly where to find them. You don't want to waste the time you've worked so hard to steal from your busy schedule because your sewing supplies are cluttered and disorganized. Have a dedicated sewing area where all your equipment drawers are arranged side by side and accessible from where you will be sitting with your sewing machine.

If you need help, please see our article titled 7 Practical Tips for Designing a Sewing Room.

I hope these simple tips for finding time to sew help you. Happy sewing!

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