tie dyed lingerie and bikkies – Handmade by Carolyn

Good morning! I'm back with some new things…

I had a length of lovely quality raspberry cotton jersey and wanted to make a new lingerie set with it, but found it boring as is…what could I do of course but make it less boring. I decided to try my hand at tie-dye…

I cut the right amount of fabric to cut a set of Watson bra and two panties. By the way, a long time ago I made the underwear pattern pieces in full size and added the crotch piece to the front piece to include it, as shown above. This had made the model much better suited to me and much easier to cut out and build. I tied it tightly before boiling it in a pot of navy blue dye. It's really not boring now…in fact, I'm so happy with the cute shapes that resulted. I forgot to lay down the back strip in the photo above, but thought I'd check I had enough for that too before cutting!

I'm happy to report that nothing new was purchased for this set…I still have enough elastic left in my stash for maybe one or two new sets of lingerie before I need to buy more, and I I even recently recycled hook and eye fasteners; although I am aware that a happy situation cannot last forever! However, for now, it's very satisfying to be able to create something new, pretty, and functional using only what I have.

We've celebrated a few birthdays in the family recently, and a little activity I did recently was baking chocolate cookies with 3-year-old Theo for his birthday. It sure was a delicious way to spend time! Cassie had pre-made the chocolate cookie dough and I helped her roll it out and cut out shapes. A few days later, I made a batch of icing with him and supervised the icing and decorating. He did almost all of this on his own.

He was wearing the t-shirt I made for him late last year, so I took a quick photo of him diligently cleaning the frosting bowl…so cute and funny. I have never seen a bowl/plate cleaned as thoroughly as this icing bowl!

Also, I made this green Meelup skirt and pink Booragoon top last year for my niece Tiffany, but she was a little ill at the time we were taking photos for our Meelup skirt listing. We finally managed to get together for our photoshoot just recently, and here it is. Isn't she lovely?! It gives Cassie and me such joy to have family and friends modeling our creations!


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