This old 57 Chevrolet, part two

This is part two of a four-part Quilt Along that includes a free downloadable pattern for this '57 Chevy Art Quilt and the free downloadable Dresden Daisies 82028 embroidery pattern from BERNINA. Finished size is approximately 16 inches by 25 inches.

If you missed the previous post, you can find it here:

This old 1957 Chevrolet Art Quilt continues with the fused appliqué on one part. From fabric selection to iron-on straps to freezer paper pattern pieces, this section creates the actual car.

Bodywork materials

Materials needed for part two of the 1957 Chevy, including a mini iron, a Mistyfuse, freezer paper, and heat-resistant foil.

• A mini iron

• Mistyfuse iron-on webbing

• Freezer paper

• Heat-resistant foil or parchment paper

Assembling fabrics and patterns

Fabric Selection for the 1957 Chevy Art Quilt

Selections from your fabric stash are the perfect place to use for the car body. The largest piece needed is about 10 inches by 4 inches, so any scraps you just couldn't throw away will work. Choose two colors for the body and hubcaps. one or two fabrics for the roof and spoiler, one for the windows and two for the bumpers, headlights and taillights.

Free download button

• Download the two PDF files containing the Chevrolet auto parts above.

• Print both pages.

Transfer each pattern piece to freezer paper by tracing with a light table or copying onto freezer paper with an inkjet printer.

• Trace the pattern pieces by hand onto frozen paper using a light table (or window) or print with an inkjet printer. (Laser printers use heat to set the ink, which will affect freezer paper.)

Select a fabric for all the pattern pieces and cut it generously larger than the actual pattern.

• Select fabrics for each pattern piece considering contrast and value. Hearing colors on background fabric as well.

• As we learn from each project, the next project will have more contrast between the car body color and the wheel fenders.

• Cut selected fabrics generously larger than the pattern piece with at least 1/2 inch extra on all sides.

Applying a fuse and cut pattern

The three-step process of fusing the webbing to the fabric and connecting the pattern to the fused fabrics.

  1. Gather the fabric selected for each section and the iron-on strap. Other iron-ons are available, but I prefer the lightweight, non-gummy qualities of this brand.
  2. Cover the ironing surface with a heat-resistant silicone sheet or parchment paper. With Mistyfuse on a silicone sheet, place the fabrics on top, wrong side out. Cover with a second sheet of silicone before fusing with the iron following the iron-on instructions.
  3. Place the pieces of freezer paper, shiny side down, on the right side of the fused fabrics. Press with an iron to adhere the pattern. The Nifty Notions Mini Iron has a non-stick ironing surface which makes cleaning easier if the fuse comes into contact with the ironing surface.
  4. Cut out each pattern piece, but do not remove the freezer paper design from the fabric.

Assembling the boss and the car

Remember the Johnny Cash song called “One piece at a time“? Maybe I'm dating myself, but the title of this section made me think of his song. It was a Cadillac and it's a Chevrolet and it will go much better and faster.

Download the free template

• Download and print the two pages of the “57 Chevy Pattern” above.

• Check the accuracy of the one square inch cube. Adjust the printer if necessary.

• Using a light table (or window), match the broken lines, B and F, and the sheets of tape.

Using a silicone sheet, a pattern and an iron, the car is fused together in this step.

  1. Place the pattern on an ironing surface then cover with a silicone sheet. Remove the paper pattern from the fabric on parts A through D. Using the pattern as a guide, fuse the windows with silicone, then the roof of the car.
  2. Continue to use the template as a guide for the front and rear wing fuses, then adding the door and spoiler.
  3. Continue merging the remaining parts of the car until it's finished. Cool and carefully peel the car unit from the silicone.

Fusion of car fabric and background

Aligning the car with embroidered wheels and blending onto the prepared background fabric.

• Place the prepared background fabric on the surface to be ironed, right sides together.

• Arrange the fused car on the background fabric with the rear fender covering a small portion of the embroidered wheels and leaving a 1/8 to 1/4 inch space between the front wheel fender and the wheel.

• Fuse the car onto the background fabric.

This old 1957 Chevy Art Quilt is making great progress. Stay tuned for part three for machine appliqué and quilting tips.

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