The day a stranger showed up at my door wearing a wedding dress

Sewing, like other crafts, may be a dying art. At the very least, people confuse utilitarian sewing, like hemming and alterations, with sewing for fun.

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I write a sewing blog to help people learn to sew and share my love for creating beautiful things. But I also write it to have a place to express my thoughts on necessary but undervalued skills.

For example, one day before my children's school year ended, I was home alone, working in my studio, and the doorbell rang. It was strange.

I could see someone I didn't know standing through the window. Even stranger, she was holding a wedding dress. Strangeness turned to terror.

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When I opened the door, before I could even say anything, she blurted out:

“I’m friends with your neighbor. She told me you sew. My daughter needs to hem this wedding dress.

Panic overcame me. I'm sure I didn't answer as I should have. I am an introvert. We had lived in our house for over two years and I barely knew my neighbors. I probably should have asked, “Which neighbor?” »

Or maybe I should have asked her how much she expected to pay to have her daughter's wedding dress hemmed.

What is the going rate for this? I'm sure I had no idea.

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But I could only panic because someone I had never met and bundles of satin and lace were staring me in the face. I love sewing but I don't have the time or inclination to make other people's alterations. Am I obligated to do something just because I could do it?

As kindly as I could, I told him I made quilts, not formal wear, and that there was an alterations store next to the grocery store.

‘Really?' she asked.

‘Yes. Sorry!' I answered.

She walked away and I closed the door.

Photo credit: SewCanShe.

I felt so guilty. Maybe she was a desperate mother and I failed her. Or maybe she thought quilters were people you could come throw dresses at and pick them up a few days later for $20.

I guess I'll never know because I panicked and didn't ask.

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