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The bra pattern I'm sharing with you today is one of the pieces of lingerie I used to help me get through last winter. I thought this project might bring you some comfort as we return to our homes to endure another cold winter.

I made this bra top with 50% stretch elastic lace and it has no padding or underwire.

bra top pattern

I used pre-made bra straps, but I'll also share with you how to make your own. It also has soft elastic around and under the bust to prevent any discomfort or rashes.

A hide-and-seek effect to add an attractive detail.

bra top pattern

The front gathers to accommodate a larger bust, although this bra top style is not designed for a bust larger than D.

bra top



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How to print your bra pattern

If this is your first time here and you need help downloading and assembling a model, please read this article. Open the templates file using Adobe Reader and print on current size.

Print and assemble the pattern before cutting the fabric.

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Model to download here

Pattern Layout for Bra Top Pattern

Printing Instructions

Use the latest version of Adobe ReaderThis is the only program you will need and we do not ask you to download another program or pay for additional programs.

Print the rug tote bag pattern in full size and landscape format.

Body measurements

Size Screw up Under the chest
S 33-36 30-33
Mr. 36-40 33-38
L 40-44 38-40
XL 44-48 40-44
2XL 48-52 44-48

Sewing Level: Intermediate

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with these concepts in order to get the most out of this project:

  • experience in lingerie construction
  • knowledge of fabric
  • ability to follow instructions
  • knowledge of adapting lingerie to your own body

You'll also need to read how to make a bra strap if you don't purchase your own.

Sewing Instructions

Before you decide to use this style of bra top, consider the design to see if you are able to wear this type of bra. It has no padding or underwire, so if you have a large chest, I suggest using wider straps and wider elastic under the bust for better support. Please note that this bra is not designed for sports or to give you much support, although I have used it for yoga, dancing and stretching. The main reason to use this bra model is sexy comfort.

Note that I don't give any indication of elastics for the underbust area.. This is done so that you can decide how tight the bra should be in that area, this is very specific to your personal needs. The tighter the chest size, the better the support will be but the comfort will decrease. In my case since I'm looking for comfort, I took the measurement under the chest minus two inches and that's the length of the elastic underneath.

The first step

Gather the front between the notches marked in your pattern. Reduce the space to 1.5″ (4 cm), I suggest 2″ for cup A.

bra top pattern

Second step

Sew the folded elastic over the chest opening and at armpit level using a small zigzag stitch. On my sewing machine I use size two.

bra top pattern
bra top pattern

Third step

Lay the top of your bra on the table and cross the front, overlapping 1.5″ and 2″ for cups A and B.

bra top pattern

Fourth step

Pin the bra to the elastic, right sides together. As I mentioned before, measure your underbust area and decide how tight the band should be. Pin the center of the bra to the center of the elastic. Sew at 3/8″ (1 cm).

bra top pattern
bra top pattern

Fifth step

Tie the fold-over elastic around the chest. Leave a space of 2″ (5 cm) between the cups. The length of the elastic will be determined by the size of the bra pattern you choose.

bra top pattern

Sixth step

Attach the bra hooks to the end of the elastic using a small zigzag.

bra top pattern

Seventh step

As my slider is a bit flat, some are round and even triangular or square, I will need a piece of elastic attached to the back of the bra so I can sew the straps.

bra top pattern

Attach the bra straps to the cups using a small zigzag.

bra top pattern

Step Eight

Slide the strap through the slider and sew the strap in a zigzag pattern.

bra top pattern

Finally, cut the strap to align it with the lace.

That's all

As you can see, in eight easy steps you can create a bra top that's both sexy and comfortable without the hassle of underwires and pads.

In a future article, I will show you how to transform this bra pattern into a crop top and a swimsuit. You'll be surprised how versatile this piece can be. So until next time, happy sewing!

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