The best tools for professional pressing

A quick overview of the best tools for professional pressing.

Pressing is crucial if you want to make professional-looking handmade garments. Sometimes it’s easy to skip these simple steps, but they will often make or break your sewing project! When trying to achieve that professional look, you need to use the right tools and techniques. When you know when and how to use the right tools, your sewing projects will look better! Below are what I consider to be the best tools for professional pressing.

Iron on the fabric.

Ironing board

Ironing board are sturdy surfaces with a narrow end and adjustable height. It is important to press your sewing projects on a solid surface. The surface should be heat resistant, even if it is not a traditional ironing board. If you don’t have an ironing board, you can always buy one ironing mat. In addition to being cheaper, they are extremely versatile.

Steam iron

An iron with steam function combines the advantages of a dry iron and a steam iron! My two favorite brands for home sewing are Shark and the Rowenta. There are a variety of temperature and steam settings on a steam iron. It’s essential to make sure you’re using the right temperature and amount of steam for your fabric choice. You risk destroying your project by not following your boss’s instructions or not doing your research. Not only is it possible to melt certain synthetic fabrics, but it is also possible to create unwanted effects when using them. Depending on the fabric, you may see seam allowances or darts appear when you make your prints on the right side of your garment.

Clapper and point presser

You can do several things with a clapper, which is a smooth block, usually made of wood. The flapper or punch block is traditionally used to create a strong crease in pants, collars, hems, pleats or facings. In addition to flattening seams on large or bulky fabrics, a flapper can also be used on fabrics that cannot handle a lot of heat. A fleece, for example. In addition to being bulky, it can also melt. The wood block is used to apply firm pressure to the fabric after a light application of steam.

THE stitch presser, or tailor’s board, is a wooden tool that tapers to a point. It almost looks like an anvil. It is often used to press hard-to-reach areas like collars, lapels or ends.

Point pressers and croders are often combined. I prefer a clapper and presser as it can get a bit bulky and awkward.

Couture Roll

Sewing rollers are long cylindrical tubes covered with thick cotton on one side and wool on the other. It is used to iron open seams. Most fabrics are pressed on the cotton side, while wool is pressed on the wool side. Despite its fun appearance, this tool really does serve a useful purpose! When you press them onto the seam roller, the right side of your seams will not be printed by the raw edge of the seam.

Ha from the tailorm

Like a sewing roller, a tailor’s ham performs the same function. But it looks more like a ham and has a more oval shape. Like the sewing roller, it is padded and covered. Ham is used for flatter curves, such as hip curves, princess seams, or sleeves. In addition to shaping and shaping curved seams, darts, collars, lapels and sleeves, it also helps smooth your fabrics. In fact, you can even shape your pieces with a tailor’s ham.

Sleeve board

A sleeve board is a small, padded ironing board with a slightly different end shape than a full-size board. Presses sleeves, bags and other narrow shapes into tube shapes. The sleeve board can be used on a sturdy ironing board or board to provide stability.

Pressing fabric

Usually, a pressing fabric is made of cotton or muslin, and it is placed between the fabric and the iron. This prevents the right side of the garment from shining.

You may not need all the best professional pressing tools to sew professional-looking pieces, but…knowing what they are and what they do is essential. You will then know how to improvise!


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