The best kept secret for seams, pleats and hems

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In the world of sewing, any passionate seamstress knows that having the right tools can make all the difference in the quality of her creations. While sewing machines, scissors and various skills are essential, there is a hidden gem in the sewing arsenal that often goes unnoticed: the flapper. This simple but essential tool can take your sewing game to a whole new level.

What is a flap?

THE beating is a wooden tool, usually made from a hardwood like oak, designed to help flatten seams and secure stitches with remarkable precision. Its flat surface and tapered edge make it ideal for ironing seams, folds and hems. The flap comes in different sizes and shapes, but its fundamental purpose remains to improve the quality of your sewing projects.

Perfect sewing

One of the primary uses of flapper is to perfect seams. When you sew a seam, it may have a slight pucker or unevenness due to the inherent nature of the fabric. The flapper works by absorbing the steam and heat generated by your iron, helping to secure the stitches and create a professional-looking flat seam. It is especially effective when working with difficult fabrics like wool, linen and cotton.

Precise pleats and hems

Creating precise pleats and hems can be intimidating without the right tools. With its flat, sturdy surface, the clapper makes it easy to squeeze these items to perfection. Whether you're sewing a custom garment or a new pair of jeans, the clapper ensures your folds and hems stay neat and clean.

Quilting and Appliqué Assistance

The flapper's versatility extends to quilting and appliqué projects. When assembling quilt blocks or attaching appliqué pieces, the flapper helps maintain a flat, even surface. It is an essential tool for quilters looking to achieve impeccable seams.

Easy to use

Using a clapper is simple. After ironing your seam or pleat with a hot iron, you place the flap over the freshly ironed area, allowing it to absorb heat and moisture. This process fixes the stitches and ensures a professional finish. Plus, it's lightweight and compact, making it easy to store in your sewing workspace.

The flapper may be the best kept secret in the sewing world, but it's one that every seamstress should have in their toolbox. This unassuming wooden tool plays a crucial role in achieving perfectly flat seams, precise folds and neat hems, making it an invaluable addition to any sewing project. Whether you are an experienced seamstress or a beginner, the clapper is a game changer and will improve the quality and professionalism of your sewing work. Don’t let this hidden gem remain a secret anymore; make the clamshell a must-have in your sewing toolbox and discover the difference it can make in your creations.

Use the flap

These two models are perfect for trying out a clapper. You'll have lots of folds, seams and hems to perfect!

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