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I notice that I wear buttons more and more often in my closet. I work from home, so to be honest, I don't really know why. I really felt like I needed to do more and wanted to try a different model than my usual one, the Grainline Archer. I really liked the look of The Assembly Line oversized shirt and imagined myself wearing it almost more like an overshirt or a shacket. Overall the pattern was simple and well written, but I think I may have overestimated my interest in wearing something so oversized.

Choice of fabric + size

The fabric I made this shirt with is a linen/cotton blend. It's heavier than a standard cotton shirt. Its body-to-weight ratio makes it very easy to sew, especially on the more delicate parts like button plackets and collars. As for the port, it is just a little too heavy. I feel like I'm swimming in the shirt and the lack of drape in the fabric doesn't really help. I find I wear it more like an “LA jacket” which is great but that wasn't really my intention. I'm going to sew this design up in a sheer floral fabric which I hope will be more in line with what I was originally looking for.

For the size, I opted for an XS. My measurements were between XS and S, but I didn't want the shirt to be too oversized since the pattern is already designed to be oversized. It was definitely the right choice, and if I had the chance, I would have taken another size.

Sew the assembly line oversized shirt

I have sewn a few assembly line patterns before and found their patterns to be well written and their instructions easy to understand and clear. Sewing plackets, collars and buttons can be tricky, but their instructions and illustrations help add a lot of clarity to the process. I think the combination of this pattern, the Gilbert top and the Grainline Archer is a great way to hone your button down skills with 3 different results.

The pattern has the option of a pocket but I omitted this feature. I'm not one to “have pockets” (blasphemy, I know) and I just didn't feel the need for this feature.

Final Thoughts

Although the Assembly Line oversized shirt pattern is well written with great instructions, I can't say I like the result of this shirt. It's just more oversized than what I usually wear and the fabric I chose doesn't match the style well. I can't wait to see my next version in a more sheer and lighter fabric to see if I can give the pattern a different look. Stay tuned!

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