The 18 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

Our four-legged friends can be the most precious things in our lives. But how much would you be willing to pay for the perfect dog?

While it’s true that these dogs’ love is unconditional, it certainly comes at a price! Some might even argue that buying a dog at these prices is crazy (pun intended), especially when there are so many dogs in shelters in need of loving homes.

Here are 18 of the most expensive dog breeds in the world, according to various online sources.

How much do they cost!?

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On average, the annual cost of owning a dog is around $4,512. Naturally, this varies depending on the size, breed, health and age of the dog; However, with most dogs living at least a decade, caring for your pet responsibly can definitely pay off!

Things to consider before getting a dog

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Dogs are not only expensive to buy; they are expensive to maintain and maintain. Like a fur baby, any pet is a huge commitment that requires a lot of consideration to ensure you are fully prepared to care for your new fur baby. It is important to take into account their maintenance costs, mainly vet bills, vaccines, grooming and feeding.


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The pedigree of your pet will significantly increase the price. Depending on its pedigree, a purebred can comfortably exceed $4,000, while a rescue can usually be purchased for around $100.

On that note, our countdown to the most expensive dog breeds in the world begins here.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Currently one of the most popular breeds in the United States, this dog breed was developed in the early 1900s as an adorable companion. It is a breed with a gentle character, perfect for the family. Living on average between 9 and 14 years, these cute puppies will cost you an average of $3,000.

Shiba Inu

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Originally from Japan, this breed is incredibly popular for its fluffy coat, beautiful appearance, personal cleanliness, and high intelligence. Often compared to the Atika dog, this is a very adorable and loyal breed. On average, these dogs will cost you around $3,000 per puppy and can live up to 15 years.

Irish Wolfhound

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This noble breed is one of the largest in the world. This century-old breed is traditionally used for hunting and combat in addition to hunting large game such as wolves and even bears! These adorable, gentle giants are frequently sought after for their rarity and companionship and can cost you around $3,000.

French Bulldog

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A wonderful family companion and excellent with children, this breed is incredibly popular with families due to its gentle temperament. What's not so nice, however, is the price of one. These dogs can cost up to $4,000 and often much more over their lifetime due to veterinary bills.

English Bulldog

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Typically costing around $4,000 for pure breeds, these adorable pets make excellent guard dogs and fantastic companions. Even Sir Winston Churchill was known to love this particular breed. However, English bulldogs, just like the French bulldog, often struggle with health issues such as respiratory problems.

Portuguese Water Dog

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These hardworking, affectionate and intelligent dogs can fetch up to $5,000 and are the Obama breed. With a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, the cost of maintaining them can be high.


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Considered the oldest domestic dog breed in the world, these elegant and noble dogs make incredibly gentle, graceful and kind pets. Their statuesque beauty and warm temperament make them incredibly sought after and can fetch up to $5,500.


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Akitas are traditional guard dogs originating from Japan. This breed is very protective and can be high maintenance. Known for their loyalty as well as their beauty and powerful build, this rare breed can cost you up to $6,500 per puppy.

Afghan Hound

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These beautifully elegant dogs are an ancient breed. Like the Saluki, they have long been used by nomadic tribes as hunting dogs. They require a lot of physical and mental stimulation and can be difficult to care for. This rare and distant breed can cost up to $7,000 per dog.

Pharaoh Hound

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Although often considered the royal dog of Egypt, this ancient breed is actually the national breed of Malta. Renowned for their rarity, they certainly command a royal price. These dogs can cost you up to $7,500 each in the United States

Argentinian Mastiff

Argentinian Mastiff
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This large and muscular breed has actually been banned in some countries and can therefore be very rare.

Originally bred in Argentina for hunting protection, this breed is not for beginners. Not only will they cost you up to $8,000, but youngsters are known for their high energy and need for constant stimulation.

Canadian Eskimo Dog

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Although not the best pet due to its size, strength, independence, and hunting past, this breed is incredibly valuable due to its rarity.

Developed as a hunting dog by the Inuit people, this breed was used for pulling sleds and hunting. After nearly disappearing due to replacement by automated snowmobiles, this breed is on the rise again and costs up to $8,750.


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These large, intelligent and typically territorial dogs were originally bred in Germany. Now often associated with guard dogs, they are typically sought after for their strength, intelligence and loyalty and can cost around $9,000 for a purebred.


Azawakh Dog
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This West African breed is an excellent guard dog and sighthound, bred to hunt gazelles. They are now known for their gentle nature and loyalty.

They are often associated with a greyhound whippet or even a Saluki and do very well in agility tests. These dogs typically cost up to $9,500.

Chow chow

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This adorable breed is beloved for its resemblance to a teddy bear. Originally from China, these dogs are excellent with children and make excellent pets. They are known in China as the Puffy Lion Dog, and puppies can cost up to $11,000.


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Sometimes called the Little Lion Dog, this 500-year-old breed is known for being incredibly intelligent, playful, and great with children. Their affectionate characters make them excellent companions, but they are certainly not cheap! This breed is incredibly rare and it is estimated that there are only around 300 individuals in the world today. As a result, these dogs can cost up to $12,000.


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The Samoyed is a very rare breed with a beautiful soft coat and a permanent smile. Often adored for its resemblance to a teddy bear. These adorable dogs originated in Siberia and date back to around 1000 BC. Amazing as pets, these incredibly intelligent and incredibly affectionate dogs come with a sweet price tag and will cost up to $14,000!

Tibetan Mastiff

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Finally, the first place for the most expensive dog breed in the world is the Tibetan Mastiff. These large and noble dogs are banned in some countries due to their protective nature. Their price can usually reach $10,000. However, it has been recorded that according to the World Animal Forum, the most expensive dog ever sold was a purebred Tibetan Red Mastiff named Big Splash, which was purchased for $1.5 million in 2011!


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