Style Arc Carlisle jeans in cream twill

I love sewing Style Arc patterns because the sizes are usually very close. I buy the one size 18 and pinch it where needed. In this case, the 18 was perfect around the upper half of me, but was about 2 inches too wide starting under the pocket bag.

For jeans, you want that double row of stitching along the inside seams, so you need to fit the pants to your body before you give yourself all that trouble. I sewed an even seam on the inside, then simply cut and pinned the outside seam to get the fit I wanted.

I like my jeans to fit like denim pants. They were everywhere in stores back then, and now I only see them in high-end stores.

I like the way they are worded, they sort of perch above your butt and drape down from there. But the zipper instructions. No. I couldn't make sense of them! I just tested another jean pattern and was waiting for some stretch denim to arrive in the mail.

I remembered that this pattern had some great photos of the zipper construction, so I used them and ended up with the most beautiful zipper fly I've ever made! We'll talk more about this later when the model is released – spoiler! This is a Lore Piar model.

I realized later that I had sewn the button fly inside out and with the topstitching it was just too obvious. So me and my seam ripper had a little session.

Woman standing with hand on Jer's hip showing cream colored pants she sewed
A woman shows the back view of cream-colored jeans she sewed
Woman stands with arm above her head showing cream colored pants

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