Studio Makeover — Directed by Rae

When I first got this space, I dreamed of it being a co-working space. Shortly after, I hired Tashina, my first studio assistant, and Karen began working at the studio a few days a week. We have held a few workshops, held open sewing evenings and given private lessons. But it's been a few years since anyone else worked with me in my studio due to the combination of having three kids, Karen moving, and then during the first year of the pandemic I stopped working completely. ‘go. Meetings and tutoring were out of the question at that point, and since my landlord raised my rent post-pandemic, I've been thinking about whether or not to get rid of the space. It functions as my personal sewing and fabric storage space (which is worth something, but not much), but is it worth having if no one else is around?

The solution for me is to reopen it rather than get rid of it, at least for another year. So I've been thinking about ways to make better use of this space, starting with resuming my studio open evenings, and plan to offer private lessons and workshops again. Either way, great ideas!

I started by thinking about colors and furniture to transform the window room into a more comfortable living room. I wanted a seated space where I could work more comfortably with a cup of tea and hand sew, undo a seam or just write my to-do list, but also where people could sit and chat during my evenings of open seams if they brought hand work or knitting rather than their machine. A vision, if you will.

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