Striped Citrine from Scraps — Made by Rae

Then I used my serger to sew the strips together to create panels, cut out each of the panels and sewed everything together!

You may be wondering how long this all takes. Citrine generally doesn't take me long to cut and sew; Since I've already traced my pattern pieces, it might take me about 30 minutes to cut the fabric and another 30 minutes to an hour to sew everything with my serger (as long as I don't add buttons, and depending on whether I must gather or not for view b).

In this case, cutting the strips probably took about an hour, and sewing the strips together may have taken another hour (I had to go back and cut a few more scraps during this step). Not too bad since I was basically collecting my scrap pile to make it.

One final note: Since this is a super stretchy bamboo knit, I interfaced the neckband and waistband with my favorite knit interfacing, and used Wonder Tape AND basted the neckband in place before sewing it. It was probably me being a little paranoid, but after all that strip sewing (hmm, sounds exciting huh), I wanted to make sure the neckband was nice and smooth and didn't have little bumps every time I went through a strip seam. … LOL. Hey, Rae.

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