Start with rule work

Did you purchase the Adjustable ruler foot #72 ? A very pretty foot which allows you to sew along plexi rulers. The foot has a round base, allowing you to easily move the quilting fabric in all directions. There is also a Adjustable ruler foot with slot #72S.

Adjustable ruler foot with slot #72S

Change feet without cutting the thread ✓ For quilting with 1/4-inch-thick rulers ✓ For free-motion quilting ✓ Combine with quilt inserts ✓ For 5.5mm machines and 9 mm ✓

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Image of Adjustable Ruler Foot #72.

Adjustable ruler foot #72

Decorative patterns such as lines, feathers, circles, etc. ✓ are created using a ¼ inch thick plexiglass ruler ✓ Markings on the inside and outside for simple and precise sewing ✓ The dial allows you to adjust the height of the foot individually depending on fabric thickness ✓ For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines ✓

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I make a small placemat, or a mug mat as an exercise, it depends on the size of the fabric you take. You don't have to think about repeating patterns or having a symmetrical result. Just try to exercise and feel how you can sew along the rulers.

Start with Bernina Rules Work

This video could also be useful, an inspiring help!

What do you need to work with rules?

  • The presser foot for working with rulers, with a round bottom.
  • Sewing rules.
  • 4 pieces of fabric, mine are 26 x 8 cm, but you can take any size. I have 2 linen patches for the front and back of my project. There is a soft, thicker fabric, you can also take wattine, as you would for a quilt. The other is a thick fabric, like jeans. By taking this fabric firm, you can avoid stretching while sewing and you don't have to worry that the tension of the stitch will contract the fabric.
  • Bias binding to finish the edges.
  • Mettler Silk Finish Cotton No. 50 (it is thicker than standard sewing thread)

Preparation of rules and tips:

Put a few dots of sandpaper on both sides (some rulers are flipped for symmetrical designs) of the rulers to prevent them from slipping.

Tips for beginners:

Exercise, exercise, exercise! Take the leftover fabric and try sewing a few times. Some quilters use non-slip gloves. They allow you to attach the rulers to the fabric, while keeping your fingers on the edge and pushing them onto the fabric.

Start with rule work.

Overlap 3 patches: the one from the right side of the fabric rests on top. Let the back patch wait for now.

Disengage the feed dogs. You press a button on the right side of the machine for most modern machines.

Sew horizontal and vertical lines to secure the 3 layers, like a batch stitch.

I don't like the edges to come undone, so I overlocked them. It's not really necessary if you don't like it.

Draw a rectangle on the fabric, leave side space. The margin helps you set the rules in the side area of ​​your work.

When making your sewing lines, consider the distance between the needle in the middle of the foot and the ruler.

For this “start of working on the rules”, I took the smallest circle of the set. Sometimes I sewed along the inside side, sometimes along the outside side to get a variation of the parts of the circle.

Start with Bernina Rules WorkAdd the cross-shaped part into the space to create complete circles.

I started in one corner and sewed towards all the other corners as well. Each curved part and each turning point touches the rectangle on all 4 parts of the rectangle.

When you reach the end of a row, turn it over and sew the other side. Touch every curve you pass.

Start with Bernina Rules Work

Touch the top side of the rectangle as you sew the last line.

Finish the job.

I really hope you are happy with the trial.

Here's how I finished it:

Add the back to the work. I sewed a straight line along the rectangle.

The project is cut 1.25 cm from the rectangle (therefore outside the seam line).

Finish with bias tape.

Start with Bernina Rules Work

The “start with rule work” is a fact. I hope you love it as much as I do. Tell me in the comments!

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