Son-in-law’s bread – Mistress’s dough

My daughter only cooks foods containing sugar or chocolate, so it's up to my son-in-law to be creative. While, like all of us, they are in quarantine with the grandsons, my SIL decided to take on the sourdough bread challenge. He documented every step and I thought it would be helpful for others to overcome their sourdough stress reaction by following his detailed pictures.

Prepare liquid sourdough and feed for 3 days

Sourdough used to make sourdough

Mix flour, salt, sourdough and water

Bread mix after multiple folds

First shaping of the dough

Place in benneton to put in the refrigerator to delay the cold. This is where the flavor really develops.

Next morning ready to cut and bake

Single cut before baking at 500 degrees

Use a pastry stone without a bell. That's more of a store bought crust.

Nice climb

Ready to withdraw. My grandson called it peanut bread.

The final result of his first try. It's natural… but you can do it too!

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