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I'm happy to share this new simple project and free pattern for the small crossbody wallet. It can be made from fabric, leather or vinyl and is suitable for intermediate seamstresses or advanced beginners.

First, let me share with you the design story. I had a nasty little incident a few days ago, so I thought I'd enjoy the experience, learn some lessons and make the most of it.

I was at the supermarket buying some things for the house. I was waiting in line to checkout and the person behind me bumped into me. She kept getting so close to me that I wanted to ask her if she wanted to pay my bill.

small shoulder wallet

I was with my daughter and she was telling me about her day, which didn't happen until right after I picked her up, so I learned to drop everything and pay attention because once she got home, she s ‘ran like a rabbit into his room and the only surface for dinner.

Instead of putting my card and bill back in my pocket, I kept them in my hand along with grocery bags. That's when it happened. Another swipe from the lady behind me and the card was gone. However, I didn't realize it until we got home.

I immediately went back to the store to get the card thinking I had left it somewhere or dropped it on the floor. I checked with security and customer service. It could not be found and fearing the worst, I called American Express to block the card and report it stolen. “Do you remember your last charge?” » the service attendant asked, yes, I indicated the amount, the card was blocked and I was to receive a new one within 5 working days. Thanks American Express, it only took 17 minutes and considering the card is from Australia and I'm currently in South America, that's pretty impressive.

small shoulder wallet

A day or two later, we went back to the mall – me to buy placemats and my daughter to drink tea with her friends. I decided to go back to the store's customer service counter and ask if anyone had returned my card. The girl at the counter said, “yes, I remember this card, please go to security.” It turns out that the woman who “found the card” tried to use it, but because it was reported stolen, she had to explain it to the police. There was a police report and everything.

I learned a valuable lesson here: take my time to put my card back in my wallet and keep my money in a safe place. The real key is to take my time. If I had taken an extra 30 seconds to secure my card, I wouldn't have made myself a target. However, my outfit had very shallow pockets that didn't offer much protection, so that may not even have helped much. What I really needed was an extra secure pocket.

Well, this project solves that problem. My solution is a small crossbody wallet and it is both quick and easy to make.

Skill Level: Advanced beginner to intermediate. Suitable for people who like to experiment with different techniques and approaches to sewing.

small shoulder wallet

Materials for your small shoulder wallet


  • Snap Tool
  • Hammer
  • Sharp scissors
  • Sewing machine that can handle 8 layers of fabric
  • walking foot

Template download

Opt for the image

Download the free template

You can download the model of the small shoulder wallet from our account at Payhip.

For help downloading and printing PDF templates, please CLICK HERE.

Fabric Recommendations

Pattern Layout

small shoulder wallet

Measurements completed

The wallet measures 7″ X 5.25″ X 1.5″ (18.7cm X 13cm X 3.8cm).

This small crossbody wallet is large enough to accommodate a card holder and a large cell phone.

Printing Instructions

Use the latest version of Adobe ReaderThis is the only program you will need and we do not ask you to download another program or pay for additional programs.

Print the design of the small crossbody wallet in full size and landscape format.

Note: I have attached zipper tabs with the pattern, but I won't go into detail. I will show you on another occasion how to add a zipper to this wallet.

Sewing Instructions

I should note here that the following sewing instructions are for machines capable of handling thick fabrics. I'm testing the capabilities of a sewing machine and I'm not sure it can handle all eight layers of fabric when it's time to close the sides of the crossbody wallet. If that doesn't work for you either, I recommend sewing the outer layer separately from the lining and leaving a gap on the lining so you can turn the wallet inside out or try following the instructions below using of a walking foot.

The first step

Fuse the interfacing with the fabric and lining before cutting the pattern. This is a requirement when using natural fibers, as I use iron-on woven interfacing and cotton quilting, the chances of the fabric shrinking are high.

The interlining is woven; you will have to follow the grain of the linen when applying it to the outer fabric.

Trace the design onto the iron-on side of the outer layer (fashion fabric) and the lining.

Trace the location of the fasteners and points provided in your pattern.

Second step

Make the ring holder by tracing the two rectangles provided in your pattern.

This small rectangle will only need to be canvased on one side, otherwise it will be almost impossible to turn the piece inside out.

Print the sides together, sew on three sides and leave one of the smaller sides open so you can turn the rectangle over.

Iron and fold the raw edge of the rectangle inward 3/8″.

Set this small rectangle aside. We'll use it when the time comes to add the snap.

Third step

Sew the lining and outer layer print face to face at a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Repeat a second seam to reinforce the bag. Cut the seam allowance leaving 1/8″. Leave a space at the bottom marked in your pattern) so you can turn the fabric over.

Iron by folding the seam allowance at the bottom.

Step four

Place the snap button on the front and back of the small crossbody wallet bag.

The clips have two pieces for the front and two pieces for the rear.

Following your pattern, mark the location of the pieces.

Open a hole with the punch holder provided with your kit. For this step you will need a hammer. Make a hole in the small rectangle you previously sewed on the closed side. See photo below.

Insert the cap on the right side of the fabric so that the stem of the cap is visible.

And yes! before you mentioned it, I almost forgot the little rectangle.

Place the socket in the back and use the rivet hammer to flatten the post.

You have placed the front snap on the wallet, now you need to repeat the procedure with the back of the snap.

Fifth step

Sew the sides of the wallet at 3/8″. Use your walking foot if necessary.

My machine doesn't have a walking foot and couldn't handle the many layers of fabric when it came to sewing the sides of the wallets. I had broken needles and the machine refused to sew.

I used a quick stapler sew one side then the other.

I'm not going to go into detail about the speedy stitcher because I love this little gadget and I think it deserved a special article on its possibilities. Especially for those of you who want to use thick materials for making bags, hats and shoes.

Press the corners together and also sew at 3/8″ to square the bottom of the wallet.

Turn the wallet over and iron it. Open the flap and place the ring on top of the rectangle. Thread the rectangle through the ring and sew the rectangle down.

I'm going to make a pompom to hang on the ring. Follow this tutorial to create yours.

Sixth step

Cut the nylon strap to the desired length. I don't want my wallet to be too long, but I want to use it all over my body for added security.

Using matches, seal the edges of the strap. Fold the edge 3/4″ so the end is not visible and sew the straps on both sides.

There, in six simple steps, we've created an extra pocket for those times when a handbag is too heavy and you don't want to be a target.

Please share photos of your projects with me and other readers in the comments section below. Honestly, it's my favorite time of the day when I get to see what everyone has been up to.

Until next time and happy sewing!

small shoulder wallet

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