Skirt length measurements for girls – a handy chart

Are you looking for the perfect fit for your little girl's skirt? This handy chart provides a comprehensive guide to skirt length measurements for girls of different ages, including waist measurement and above-the-knee, knee-length, and long skirt lengths.

When it comes to making children's clothes, many sewing blogs suggest using a skirt that fits your own child or measuring their height. But let's be real, it's not much use if you're making clothes for someone else's child, is it?

Also, I have to be honest with you, sometimes I'm in a rush to make skirts for my girls, or I forget to measure them, or I just don't feel like looking for an old skirt that fits me. So what do I do? I'm trying to guess the length. But honestly, it doesn't always suit me.

The other day I made another mistake and had to shorten the skirt and redo the hem. Luckily, I usually play it safe and go a little longer than too short.

While I don't mind making adjustments along the way, I'd much rather get it right the first time. So I took the time to put together a useful chart that I know I will use myself. And trust me, it's worth having on hand for all your future sewing projects!

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Using a standardized chart is not only convenient, but also a great idea overall. There may of course be some variations, but this can help you determine the right length for your skirt.

However, these are general guidelines and actual measurements may vary depending on your little girl's body type and height. Every body is different, so it's always a good idea to take measurements to determine the best fit. Also, it's worth noting that long skirts may not be practical or comfortable for young children, but I've included them in this chart anyway.

Skirt length chart for babies and little girls

Skirt length chart for girls (4-13 years)


LENGTH (above knee, knee length and maxi) is the total length of the skirt. When you cut your fabric pieces, be sure to add extra fabric for the hem and elastic wrap.

I hope this quick guide is helpful for all of your skirt sewing adventures!

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