Simply sew buttons, how to use sewing machine foot #18

I became the very proud owner of several new sewing machine feet for my Bernina B480 Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about how to use them and my thoughts.

Sewing foot for buttons #18

I have always sewn buttons by hand, in fact I don't mind sewing by hand but on a buttoned summer dress or blouse it can be a bit fiddly! and that!!! is one of the best inventions EVER!

I watched a short video on YouTube as I was a little nervous about going through hundreds of needles! how the hell does the machine know what to do!! keep reading below and I'll explain how this super star foot works.

How it works

1. After sewing your button holes, mark exactly where you need to position the buttons. You can use tailor's chalk, I used pins as I was afraid of marking my crisp white fabric.

2. Select stitch number 60 on your screen, it is, just like buttonholes, a specific stitch which automatically sews with the pressure of the foot enough stitches to attach your button.
Did you know that each button has the exact same spacing between holes! I'm sure I should have known!

3. Attach your 18# button foot and position the button on the marked fabric.
Slowly go down and position the foot in the middle of the button, with the middle radius exactly in the middle of the holes.

4. Guide the needle down into one of the buttonholes. Make sure it doesn't touch the button. If necessary, press the button and test the needle again.

5. Once in position, press down on your foot and your machine will sew automatically. When finished, carefully lift the fabric off the foot.

6. I left my threads long, re-threaded them and passed them to the back of the fabric.

If you have a 4-hole button, adjust the fabric and repeat the process.

Finished !!

Watch for my next blog, I discover new feet for the Bernina B480

Until next time…Katie

My finished blouse

Free Sewing Instructions: Sew Buttons

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