Sewing with Disabilities: Five Accessible Tools (Guest Post by Samantha Purple Sewing Cloud)

There is a whole world of amazing sewing tools that have been designed to make your crafts easier. To celebrate Disability Pride Month, we commissioned Samantha Waude from @PurpleSewingCloud – who you might recognize as a role model from Tilly and the Buttons. keep it simple And Agnes — to share her top five accessible sewing tools.
Whether you consider yourself disabled or not, you'll want to get some! Let's move on to Sam…

Samantha is a Caucasian woman with curly black hair smiling at the camera and posing with handy sewing tools

“Hi, my name is Samantha, I'm very excited to be invited by Tilly to write this guest blog post on my top five sewing tools.

As a disabled seamstress, my sewing tools are very important to me. Over the years, I have created a collection that best meets my needs and my disability. Without them, I wouldn't be able to sew and create a beautiful wardrobe of clothes that make me smile.

I picked my top five tools that I use every time I sew and that are essential to me. These tools will also work for everyone, not just people with disabilities – so keep reading or watch my video!

Easy-to-grip pins on a magnetic pin dish, with the heads all pointing to the edge

1. Prym Easy Grip Pins

The large heads of these pins make them very easy to grip. This helps with poor dexterity, poor grip or numbness in the hands.

2. Circular Magnetic Pin Dish

The pin dish they are on is life-changing! On a normal magnetic pin dish, pins can end up in a mess, making them difficult to pick up without getting stabbed. With this one, the pinheads are flared out in a circular formation, the pinheads still around the outside, making them much easier to pick up. It makes my sewing easier and safer.

Easy to grip shears and pins on a pink cutting mat

3. Fiskars easy grip shears

Shears are my most used tool – for cutting threads, notches, corners and more – so they should be easy to grip. These are spring-loaded and my fingers fit around the non-slip rubberized grip rather than the holes, which makes them simple to use. They are also incredibly sharp and precise.

4. Silicone Iron Mat

I place it next to me on my ironing board and put my iron on it when I need to put it down. It saves me from having to tilt the iron up and down which would put pressure on my arm and shoulder.

Purple needle threader tool on my pink cup

5. Clover Desktop Needle Threader

I have tried different needle threader tools over the years and this one is my favorite. To thread a hand sewing needle, all you have to do is insert the needle through the hole, lay the thread over the tool, press the lever, and it threads the needle's eye. the needle as if by magic. It is ideal for people with vision difficulties, dexterity or grip problems, children or simply anyone who wants to make their life easier.

So those are my top five accessible sewing tools. Everyone's disabilities and bodies are different, but this is what suits me best. I hope you can also find something that meets your needs. Sewing should be fun, and if there's any part that's frustrating and can be easily changed with a new or adapted tool, I highly recommend it.

If you are looking for a new accessible tool or if you are having trouble with a specific task, feel free to send me a message. via Instagram and I will be happy to help you.
Sewing tools on a pink cutting mat
Samantha is a Caucasian woman with curly black hair smiling at the camera and posing with handy sewing tools


Author, video and photos: Samantha Waude

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