Sewing in the Classroom Made Easy! – Sew a Softie

This is the fifth interview in my series on Tips from teachers sewing with children. I hope these interviews with teachers who have sewn in the classroom will inspire you and give you practical tips for sewing with your students.

Today I interview Alisa Kutsel. Alisa is a textile artist and teacher who teaches K-5 in Northern California.

She tells me about her classroom experiences, sewing pizza slices with her 5th graders and sewing zenkies and squishmallows with her after-school enrichment class.

Sewing softie class stories

I love the stories Alisa tells about her students and how they got into sewing softies.

In one story, she tells how a student, who had never shown enthusiasm for any project, wanted to bring his little comforter home. The problem? Alisa had to keep the students' stuffed animals at school for their art exhibit which hadn't been held for a few months. Well, he liked this softie so much that he asked if he could visit him every day at recess. Alisa found a happy ending to the story by having her sew another comforter that could go home with him.

Tips for Sewing in the Classroom

Some sewing tips from Alisa for other teachers:

Be patient. In the end, it's worth it.

Have an example of each step of the project for the children to refer to.

Use children who “get it” to help others.

The Best and Worst Sewing Supplies

The best part: Alisa found that the electric scissors she bought made it quick and easy to cut felt.

And the worst: the poor quality pins she bought on Amazon that created unnecessary difficulties for her.

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