Sewing Bee Finals – Avery Lane Sewing

The finalists have all sent their applications. The challenge: the princess sewn bodice.

The brief this week was to use the Princess Seamed bodice from Doll dress shop as a base and design a garment or outfit around the bodice design. They have been allowed to make many alterations and style changes, and the focus of judging will be on princess stitching, overall theme and creativity. The stitching, overall appearance of the style, thread color and the usual elements given in the brief will also be considered.

They were asked to design and create a show. I think they succeeded! They are all beautiful and unique.

Here is Andee's entry

“For my final proposal, I created a Kwanzaa inspired dress. I used the princess seam pattern, using the flat lined piping from View D and the sleeveless look and contrast hem from View A, as well as the 2 fabric blend from View B.

I added a ruffled petticoat to this look, like the one paired with the Absolutely A-line dress pattern.

To finish the look, I created a headband to protect the doll's natural curls. -Andée

This is Diana's entry.

“Nellie visits you today wearing a dark green dress with cream colored lace accented with a dark green ribbon.

I usually leave the back open under the Velcro when making doll clothes, to make it easier to dress and undress the dolls. To get a neat finish, I sew the bodice and bodice lining right sides together at the center back, then turn them inside out and iron. Then I sew the back center edges of the skirt before sewing it to the bodice, so they can overlap perfectly. -Diane

Here is Janet's entry.

“In preparing and sewing this final entry, I was inspired by all the Christmas programs and recitals I have participated in over the years. I sewed this pretty blue dress with a cotton print with gold accents. I paired it with a matching gold satin type material and a tiny bit of musical print material. To complete my recital dress, I added little black ribbon bows.

I used the Princess Seam Dress View D as the main base, but shortened the skirt and added a gold satin ruffle. Ultimately, I felt anything more would have been too much. The pattern and materials speak for themselves. -Janet

Aren't they fantastic!? Which is your favorite?

Check back Friday when the winner is announced. In the meantime, happy sewing!


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