Sewing a Holiday Wardrobe: Is it Worth It? -Stitchin Camaro

My short answer is no. Imagine this: you're going on vacation and you want to try making new clothes (or even an entire capsule wardrobe) for your trip. The days pass and you realize your trip is in 3 weeks and you haven't sewn anything. It's time to clear your calendar and spend every spare moment frantically creating holiday looks.

Can you understand? It seems like many of us who sew our own clothes have been there at least once. Why are we doing this to ourselves?

I recently went on my honeymoon and from the moment we started planning the trip (1 year in advance) I knew I wanted to create a complete capsule wardrobe for her. I love having a specific reason or occasion to sew for, so this was perfect. However, as my honeymoon approached, I had many other important things to plan in my life: my wedding and a move abroad. We spaced out our honeymoon 3 months after our wedding, so I figured it wouldn't be a problem and I would have plenty of time to make clothes.

Fast forward to 2 weeks before the honeymoon and I didn't do anything. I've spent most of my sewing time quilting because that's where I find the most joy these days. Of course, I immediately panic and decide that I'm going to try to sew 8 new clothes within 2 weeks. Miraculously, I was able to make 6 pieces and most of them turned out great!

Honestly, these 2 weeks have been hell. I was so stressed about something that really didn't matter. Who cares if I wore something old or store bought on my honeymoon? Was this really going to affect my enjoyment? I had convinced myself that something so arbitrary and meaningless was going to make or break my honeymoon.

I also ended up making sewing mistakes that I would never normally make! You can see in this photo that my skirt isn't even hemmed! I had totally forgotten to hem it in the chaos of the week before my honeymoon.

This wasn't the first time I'd done something like this. I have been a victim of my own ambition many times (holiday parties, trips, weddings, etc.). This almost always leads to stress. And for what gain? Some cool photos of a shirt I made with Italian decor? It's definitely not worth it. Manage to torture my husband by making him take pictures of me all week? Well… it might be worth it. (i'm kidding)

The only reason I found myself in this situation was because for months I had been choosing to spend time quilting instead of sewing clothes. Quilting is where I have found the most joy. Instead of just allowing myself to nitpick and do what made me happy, I forced myself to achieve an arbitrary and thankless goal. In the future, I will regularly remind myself that this is a hobby. If it doesn't bring me joy, it doesn't need to happen and I'll probably still have a good time on that trip or event wearing something (gasp) store-bought.

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