Sew an Infinity Scarf with Neat Hems

Sew an infinity scarf with neat hems, using Zigzag hemmer #66.

Zigzag hemmer #66

Making double hems with zigzag or decorative stitch ✓ This foot saves work and time ✓ For hems with a width of 6 mm ✓ For medium weight fabrics ✓ For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines ✓

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This presser foot is a great help for neat hems. It is the accessory of the month for September 2023 in many countries. Check your local website to see if you can purchase it at a discount.

You can always need an extra scarf, right? This one serves well for having a coffee in my favorite castle.

Sew a neatly hemmed infinity scarf with the Bernina 66 hemming foot

This is a presser foot that I have used for many years. I have been sewing fitted sheets for the whole family's beds for over 20 years.

A few comments :

  • It is easier to use a tightly woven fabric
  • Take non-stretch fabrics.
  • Use it along the straight edges of the fabric
  • Practice on a remnant, especially if you want to sew seams.

I make a round scarf from a top


  • A strip of fabric 25 cm wide and 135 to 140 cm long.
  • Mettler sewing thread
  • A BERNINA sewing machine

In a thrift store, I found some shirts, made from a pretty fabric (my opinion). For the reasonable price of €1 (around £0.95) per piece I bought 3. I want to turn them into scarves.

The first thing to do is cut into strips. I can cut 2 strips from the front panel, so I take the same size for the back panel.

Sew the seams to close the rectangles into a circle. There are 2 possibilities

1. You can overlock each seam separately and sew the seams afterwards. This way you can iron the seams open. This gives you a less bulky seam to feed into the presser foot.

2. You can sew the seam (right sides together) and overlock the two layers of fabric together. This gives you more volume to put into the presser foot. I choose this one today.

Which method to choose? Could it depend on the color contrast for the front and back of the fabric?

Sew the seam with hemmer foot 66.

Try both methods on a piece of remaining fabric before sewing the hems of the scarf.

That's what I did:

Attach the presser foot to the machine. Set the needle position to -5 or -4.

Make the first fold manually with your fingers, before inserting it into the foot. Insert this fold by manipulating it from right to left on the metal loop of the foot.

After sewing a few stitches, you can guide the fabric by lifting it a little. Make sure you leave enough fabric (twice the width of the hem) to cover the loop and complete the seam.

Sew a neatly hemmed infinity scarf with the Bernina 66 hemming foot

Here's a little video I made years ago to help someone who was asking for information on using this foot. It's in Dutch, but you'll see how it works.

Let's start the real work.

On one side of the scarf, the seams fit easily into the foot. On the other side, you will have to slow down the speed. This is a tricky thing, the presser foot could go under the seam and get stuck.

Sew a neatly hemmed infinity scarf with the Bernina 66 hemming foot

When the hem is complete, remove the fabric from the foot (needle side down) and finish the rest of the hem with the presser foot on top of the fabric.

Look at these beautiful and neat hems:

Zoomvoet 66 for a single shot

The scarf is finished.

This was a quick project. There are many other places you can use presser foot 66.

I tested it for a nature walk at the end of summer.

Sew a neatly hemmed infinity scarf with the Bernina 66 hemming foot

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