Sea Citrine — Made by Rae

In my wardrobe there are standout pieces that define the outfit by their very presence and others that complement other things. Some of my Citrine cardigans are in the first category and others in the second, such as that of the navy.

While this one isn't the kind of thing I'll want to put on in the morning, it will probably end up being one of the most worn items due to its usefulness as a neutral item; and because of my propensity for choosing light and colorful fabrics, it's never a bad thing to have a few pieces to balance it all out, I say!

I used pattern view B (ruched sleeves, gathered waist, buttons), but made a slight modification to the sleeve because I was a little short on fabric and didn't have enough to make the full width down. of the sleeve. Instead, I traced the pattern between the lines of view a (fitted) and view b (ruched), to create a medium width sleeve that was more modestly gathered, like this:

[ The solid line on the outside is the view B cutting line; the dashed line on the inside is the view A cutting line, and the red lines show approximately where I cut my pattern for these sleeves ]

The result is a cardigan with a little less Big Sleeve Energy than the original pattern piece, if you will.

It's still gathered enough that you can see that it has a bit more room, and indeed I'm wearing it today over this puff sleeve Jade t-shirt, which I've never Could do with other cardigans due to the sleeves being too fitted. I've done quite a few things last year with puff sleeves, so I'm excited to be able to wear my Citrine cardigans over them without puff sleeve syndrome, which really is the worst, right? *champagne problems*

The other slightly weird thing about this cardigan is that I used two different fabrics for the main body and bindings – the main fabric is Robert Kaufman's Laguna jersey, and the bindings are a 1×1 rib in Free fabrics Spirit. These two pieces of fabric have been in my stash for over 10 years. Yes, you read correctly. And I never imagined putting them together until now. Wild, right?

The beautiful buttons came from my local yarn store, Yarnwhich – hot button tip – you can find the best buttons in yarn stores!

THE Citrine pattern for knits is now available in my shop!! Get it now and make yourself a cute cardigan!


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