Revamp your activewear with the new Molli Athleisure skort style

4 – Sew the side seams together. If you want gathered detail, I find the easiest way to achieve this with a home machine is to use a zigzag stitch to sew onto thin elastic cord or thread. Make sure the stitches don't sew through the cord, only on top. Once you're done, tie a knot on the cord and sew it a few times to secure it. Pull the other end of the cord until you are happy with the number of gathers, then knot and sew onto the cord.

5 – Finish the hem of the skirt.

6 – Place the shorts into the skirt, matching the side seams and making sure both are facing the same direction. Baste the shorts onto the skirt along the waistline, with a ¼” seam allowance.

7 – Sew the outer waistband together along the side seams, RST. Repeat with the inner waistband.

8 – RST, sew the outer and inner waistbands together along the top edge. Cut the SA and sew it under the inner waistband. Pull out the belt on the right side.

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